What size would I be?

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  1. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

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    I am 5'1 and wondered what clothes size I would likely be if I managed to get down to 10 stone? Anyone able to advise? I think knowing this would help with my visualisation and motivation to continue dieting.
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  3. Blueway

    Blueway Silver Member

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    It depends on your body shape and where you shop but I would think about a size 14. Not entirely sure though.
  4. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    Like Blueway said, it would depend on your body shape people can vary so much on clothes sizes

    I am only just 5'2" and when I got down to 10 stone on a previous diet I was a size 12 in most shops I went to
  5. AnnieAnnie

    AnnieAnnie Gold Member

    I'm 5' 10" and at 10.5 stone was a size 12.
  6. babycl

    babycl Member

    Im 5'2 and im currently 10 stone 5lbs. I wear size 12 clothes (and still fitted them fine when i was 10 stone 11lbs when i started dieting. But then everyone is different.
  7. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

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    When I was at 9st 9 I fit into some size 10 but mostly 12, depending on the shop or material :)
  8. Syrinx

    Syrinx Member

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    I'm 5'2" and currently a size 12, 10st would probably make you a comfortable size 12. I was size 10 at 9st 2lbs....ah those were the days :p

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