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What snacks to take to hospital?

We've been told to go for energy snacks but complex carb type stuff as you want slow release stuff. Also some isotonic drink like lucozade to have (possibly after?).

My current list (in my head! really should write it down) would be some cereal bars and/or go ahead yoghurty bars. Possibly some buttered fruit loaf (warburtons cinnamon and raisin). Some fruit (apples or bananas if we can avoid squashing them!). May also make up some normal sandwiches too, depends on how much time we have when it happens!

Not sure on the isotonic drink. Haven't had one of those for years so don't know what my tastes our now. Will have to pick up a couple and try them.
Little cartons of orange juice (with a straw) much easier to drink, some frozen bottled water so that it will be lovely and cold just when you need it, mine are in the freezer ready lol and like Sarah said something nutritious but easy to eat not sure what I will take though maybe some raisins but will def take some 'naughty' stuff for afterwards, well you will deserve it;)
Ooo good point on the straws! Along the frozen water lines I freeze innocent smoothie tubes (the kids ones, ahem!) and have those as like a fresh fruit ice lolly. Could be good? Will need to dig out a little cool bag to keep things colder I think!
I can't remember what I took for my last one but I didn't eat any of it in the end. Didn't eat for the whole 3 days of labour in the end (not good!).

There's some good ideas for this one though. I'm planning on staying home for as long as I can so hopefully with being more relaxed I can take better care of myself and actually eat to keep my energy up! The frozen water and cereal bars sound good.

Do you think you can freeze apple slices somehow? Maybe in a big ice cube or something? Or maybe cubes of melon. That might be quite refreshing...
You could always try a batch and see what happens, they sound nice anyway Mmmm;)
There's nothing to say you can't freeze apple or melon (same goes for any fruit really). Just remember, the higher water content, the more likely the fruit will be mushy when it defrosts (if it gets that far!). Nothing wrong with it, it'll just lose its usual structure. I think apple will retain its structure a bit better than melon - although depends on the melon of course!


what about freezing grapes - I know those work well frozen and not as messy as slices of apple or melon

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