What substitute can I use to replace my cd bars?


Starting again...
As most of you know Ive had to give it up, and I really loved my choc orange bars and looked forward to something sweet in the evenings, but I need something to make up for it? So what sweet thing can I have which is low in calories ?
Slimfast fruit & cereal bars are under 100 cals and Asda have them on offer at the moment.

If you are planning on having a daily sweet treat, don't be tempted to just buy a packet of biscuits with the intention of only have one or two each evening ... we all know where that will lead!

Get things that are individually wrapped so you can keep a conscious account of each one you have.

Another suggestion would be to make low sugar jelly and pour it into individual bowls so you can keep tabs on the portion sizes. A little bowl of jelly with a dessertspoon of low fat ice-cream might hit the spot.
thanks for that I will take your advice and get some slimfast bars, yummmmm jelly and ice cream lol:)
As russiandoll suggested.. Sugar free jelly saved me for months! ;)
Lemon was my fav - put some cream with it.. it works well.
Frozen berries (from asda) in the bottom of a desert dish with the jelly and cream or icecream works well too.

merangue's (spell check) are low in calorie too so add them to some fruit, and a bit of squirty cream. Fruit such as fruit salad, berries.

you could freeze your own lollies ;) i know it sounds childish but those, or an icepop or something would be low too.

if you HAVE to have a bad desert or treat.. get a mini size.. i.e. 1 slice of cheesecake, or 1 mini bar of choc.

Also.. as said.. stay away from biscuits.. they really mount up the calories.. 1 choc digestive is around 75 calories.
Hi there

So sorry to hear your problem and I do think you are dealing brilliantly! I was wondering whether you could afford to by a box of the CD bars. I never have more than 1/2 a bar I cut it into pieces and eat it like you in the evening with a warm drink. I find it very satisfying. That way a box would last you 6 weeks. With a low calorie diet during the day and the 1/2 a bar as your evening safety net. This may be a solution for you.

Dizzy x
If you really want chocolate then curly wurlys and 2 finger kitkats are both about 115 calories. I love curlywurlys mmm, but the sugar free jelly is a fantastic option. If you make it with diet lemonade its even better
Hi I was going to suggest the same as Dizzy and Mizzy. You can buy a box of bars from your counsellor to use as a daily supplement until you are in a better position to do CD again.

I love McVities go a head biscuits. They come in a few flavours my fav is Orange & Sultana. They come in packs of three or you can now get them in snack packs of mini ones. Very orangey! I find them more satisfying than the slimfast bars. But as the others have said if you could afford to buy some CD bars you can't beat them really!

Good luck.

Kamilla x
I felt the same. Needed that bar in the evening :)

I went for curly wurlies which took about the same amount of time to eat.

Buying a box of Cambridge bars is a healthier option though if you can afford it.
How much would a box of bars cost?:) How many do you get in a box? :rolleyes: