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what tea's can we have


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hello all, the booklet doesn't seem to much use on this one......

i have went out and got me some nice tea's to drink


nettle (heard its good for hayfever and mine is now playing me up)
peppermint (LT use it to make chocomint shakes so i thought i would also give that a go)
and fennel- tastes like aniseed the lady said

has anyone else drink anything else??
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but some people don't like it
I have aquired a real taste for it since doing this diet, don't know why !
Apparently Earl Grey is allowed?

I really want to try the licorice tea, sounds yummy.
Have a good search - try 'drinks', this has been discussed loads, and there's oodles of useful info kicking about, if you blow the dust orf the posts :)


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I can highly recommend the Pukka Teas (they do licorice) and they do a 3 ginger with gulangula (sp) which is lovely

not keen on the twinings green teas with flavourings, as you leave them in your cup for HOURS and they hardly turn the water brown ;D
p.s. don;t do that with the rooboos-it should be stewed only like you do your usual t-bags

I have earl grey too, it had bergamot, which technically is a herb, maybe someone will come back to me with a "don't do that one" ;D
not keen on the twinings green teas with flavourings, as you leave them in your cup for HOURS and they hardly turn the water brown ;D
That's cos it's green tea - it's not meant to ;) It only goes yellowish.

It's a different beastie from 'normal' tea. It's a much more delicate flavour, too.

All part of life's rich tea-pastry...


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the fennel is lovely (licorish) not to over powering and not to light. got some mint and eucalyptus today, sounds pretty nice. i'm well stocked on my herbal tea's now

as an aside i had one in the house from ages ago ginger and lime, its a tesco own one, and contains citric acid
Citric acid is one of those things that's best avoided as it will prevent you going into ketosis, but it's a moot point as to whether it'll take you out of it, once in. There's a post on this forum with references.

Again, it's down to individual tolerances. When in ketosis I can get away with the odd suspect teabag or diet coke (if stuck out somewhere). Not recommending it, esp if you're in the first couple of weeks of a VLCD and still getting used to it. But if ketosis is properly established and you find you're desperate or stuck (or just gagging for a different flavour), the odd thingie may not do you much harm at all.

In short, if stuck, don't panic... :)


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i knwo all about citric acid read up on it loads. just amazed it was in a blaming t bag
Glad to see you're well read, but I do try and reply for a general benefit (if a point may prove useful to someone, somewhere, in the future). So no, it wasn't a specific reply to you, just about the point you raised.

However, being a preservative, it does indeed crop up in the daftest places, in greater or lesser quantities.

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