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what the hell is going on!!!! not happy!!!

Don't Panic!!
I am guilty of the same and for some very strange reason, that I still cannot fathom, I always seem to have lost when I get to the chemist?!

I take it you do have an official WI, rather than going off your own scales?

If they are usually accurate, is it TOTM, have been you been 'bunged up' at all, are you wearing something heavier than you would normally?

There's a few reasons 'why' or, the absolute worst, maybe you've lost inches this week and not much on the actual 'weight' side?

Only suggestions - maybe some of the more 'experienced' LT'ers can answer better....

Fingers crossed it is evil home scales tormenting you x
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well i weighed at chemist last monday but my home scales are usually pretty acurate!! changing weigh in to wednesday this week thats why i had a sneaky weigh!! as for totm iam on the injections so not really sure where i stand with that!! and haven't been to loo for two days??? but still its a week since last weigh was hoping for a good loss this week. sorry for sounding sooo deflated!!


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hey hun, try not to worry too much. i use 2 weigh myself everyday, noticed that for about 5 days id stay the same then the next couple of days id drop 4lbs. its crazy so hopefully the same is happening with u. good luck for wed, let us know how u get on hun.

x x


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bin the scales woman!!!lol x
don't panic hun.on my scales i seem to have been the same weight for the last 8 weeks??!!! yet still lose on official weigh ins.
could also be the toilet matter affecting you.
i have the pill injection too and don't think that affects weigh in.

try not to worry and all will be fine.
like said before you may have lost loads of inches instead of lbs.
i lost 2lb one week but dropped 8 inches.
chin up x
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks girls will stay positive and see what happens on wednesday!! and ok will stay off the scales till then!! may be toilet issue as you said tafflass will prob take some dulcolax tonight if no joy today!! (sorry for TMI!!) just worried now as this always happens when i am dieting i get to a certain point and can't get past it!!


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I've been doing the same - sneaky home weigh in's and this past week have pretty much stayed the same, but then that happened last week and I lost so I am hopeful for a loss this evening. Two factors that might stop me from losing this week are that I have not "been" yet this week. I usually take 1 Dulcolax on a Friday night but because I was out and about at the weekend did take it this week and the other factor is that I have a TOTM showing - not a lot but its there and not sure how much that will affect weigh in this evening. Fingers crossed something is lost tonight :D


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I remember someone was saying that their loses are visible on the scales near the end of the week. Like the last day or two. I know how frustrated you are babes, I am the same with my loses.

People were also losing inches while the scale was telling them they stayed the same. just look at yourself in the mirror, look at how your clothes feel and concentrate on that.

Don't let this be an excuse to give up babes.
Loosing late in week...

I do the same. I stay the same all week and then the last 2 days it all goes - very strange?!

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