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What time do you eat in the evening?

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering what tune people usually sit down to their evening meal? Me and my OH rarely eat before 8pm, as he works til gone 6 most nights, and then we have the bedtime routine for our kids between 7-7:30, so by the time we've cooked something, it's usually pushing 8:30 before we eat. I've always been told you shouldn't eat after 6pm as everything just sits on your stomach, but this is just not practical for us. Do you think eating later in the evening has a negative effect on your weight/weight-loss?

Katy x
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I have eaten later tonight because i go to group at 5:30pm :p

Usually though it's at around 4:30pm :eek: I have to as dd1 is always starving after school. I do my exercise dvd when the girls are in bed so i'm not normally hungry later on.

I did read somewhere that it doesn't matter what time you eat, as long as overall calories exerted are more than calories consumed then you will still lose weight.
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I usually eat between 7 and 8ish, I find it impossible to get in from work and get the dinner on the table before 6 p.m. !!!
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Whenever we can usually, my OH work hours are pretty erratic at the moment but he's rarely home before 7pm. Some nights I work 8am til half 9-10pm so just when we can really.
we always eat between 5 and 6pm, never later than 6pm, unless it is the weekend and we are out for a meal.

I often go to bed quite early (especially at the moment) and hate to lay down on a full stomach. I like to be up at least a few hours doing whatever after having my last meal of the day.
S: 16st3.5lb C: 16st2.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.66%)
BritMumInCanada said:
I often go to bed quite early (especially at the moment) and hate to lay down on a full stomach. I like to be up at least a few hours doing whatever after having my last meal of the day.
This is the thing for me - I usually go to bed at about 12:30/1am, so I guess eating at 8/9 isn't such a big deal, as I'm up for quite a while after.

I'd like it if I could eat earlier, but it just doesn't work for us. I also worry that if I ate at 6, I'd be getting hungry again by 10, so would be tempted to snack. I'd have to send myself to bed earlier!
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It's a complete myth that eating after 6pm or 8pm will affect your weight loss. It doesn't matter what time you eat.
SW certainly makes me think this now, although in the past, like many others I thought it was illegal to eat after 6pm or 8pm etc. and I would either turn into a frog or worse still Billy Bunter.

Tonight, after my 7.5lb loss (sorry i just like saying it) I ate fillet steak and chips (SW style of course) after 9pm. Why? - well two reasons really, firstly, because I can and secondly because I want to.

Normally I eat much earlier, but weigh-in nights are different.

PS I love Slimming World me:)



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i think it doesnt really matter what time i eat in the evening tbh :) although its not nice going to bed with a full tummy xx
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I'm an evening eater :)

Can easily go to 4 or 5 pm before I start to feel hungry, I know it's not very healthy but its the way my body works.

Dinner tonight was at 7pm


Now to maintain.....
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if we are eating with the kids we eat around 5ish.
if due to circumstances we are eating seperately from them we tend to eat between 7 and 8.


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It has no impact on weight loss what time you eat/go to bed, to loose weight we need to imput (eat) more than we output, this is worked out on how many cals our bodies need just being sedentary ie laying doing nothing. And inactual fact we burn more while asleep (another reason to get your 8 hrs).
Obvioulsy going to bed on a full stomach isn't good for you but for other reasons like indigestion and heartburn!
So eat as much as you like when you like!!! 


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We eat at 6.00 except on weigh-in nights. I usually go to bed 10.00 10.30 (so dont really need to snack) as I waken early in mornings.

SW indicates it doesn't matter what time you eat at night.
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We always eat at 6.00pm. I finish work at 2.30pm, so I'm able to pick the kids up from school, do a few things at home and then get dinner ready. DD is always on at me from about 4.30pm asking what time dinner is, so if it was any later I think she would start eating me!!! :17729:

I am in bed by 9.30pm every night, so wouldn't want to each much later than that anyway as the very odd occasion I have eaten later, I suffer with terrible heartburn :(
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As a lot of u have already said it doesnt matter what time u eat just as long as u dont get in bed straight after.

I think the most important thing is too get yourself into a routine where u eat at a time which suits u most days and stick to that. Also make sure ur not leaving it too long between meals or you probably will end up snacking on bad stuff!
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We always eat at about 7-8pm. We cook for the kids at 4.30pm and originally we ate at the same time, but I found when I ate at 4.30pm I would be hungry when they went to bed, and pick at stuff all night. Now I'l have a yogurt or banana or something about 4.30 to keep me going until tea time. I start cooking aout 6.30pm and it's ready for when the kids go to bed. Except on friday nights because the kids stay up later those nights, and then we'll eat about 8pm.

I have done this almost since I started and I've lost 3 st in just under 7 months, so it obviously hasn't affected my weight loss.

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