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What time do you have your shakes/soups?


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I get 4 servings a day, have my bar at ten ish am and first shake at about 1pm, porridge at about 7 ish and final shake at about 9 as I don't get home from work till half six. Not affected my losses yet but as they slow down I might start having them earlier.. Usually have to force the last one down!


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shake at 10, then soup at 2, shake at 6 then shake or soup at 9. only on day 3 so no bars yet but i am looking forward to them! going to try the porridge on friday when i see cdc. i found the spicy tomato soup really sweet. wasn't really expecting sweet seeing as its spicy. x x


can see the end in sight!
gah I can't stomach any of the soups! Which is strange as my weakness is savoury stuff.
I have mine relatively early compared to alot of you. Even though Im not hungry my body tendds to want them regularly and it feels like my blood sugar is dropping when im ready for the next one and luckily once Ive had all 3 I dont tend to get hungry at night.

breakfast - 7-8 lunch 12-1 tea 4-6

I don't have my 1st till about 11ish i have about
1 ½ litres of water by then and 2 teas/coffee ( black ) then a shake

next one about 3ish then last about 7-8 pm if i have bars this is when i have them,


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I'm on SS+

10am Chocolate shake
1pm Half a choc tetra topped up with hot water
2pm Other half choc tetra + water
4.30pm Half choc tetra + water
6-6.30pm Chocolate mint shake
8.15pm ish Last half choc tetra +water

Soups are grim lol :)
I have:-
06:00 > 1 pint of water when i wake up
07:00 >1/2 sachet of shake or porridge
09:00 - 12:00 > 1.5 pint of water
12:00 > Soup or tetra or bar
13:00 - 15:00 > 1.5 pint of water
15:00 > last 1/2 of sachet from breakfast
15:00 - 18:00 > 1.5 pint of water
18:00 > full shake or bar
19:00 - 21:00 > 1-2 pint of water

I find splitting my breakfast into 2 helps me throughout the day and im not as hungry.


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I have :-

Lunch - 12.30
Dinner - 7.00
Supper - 9.00 - 10.00

Going to start having my dinner earlier I think becasue sometimes I can't manage my third shake. My body forgets its hungry.


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Porridge - 11

Shake - 2-4, depending on when I feel I need it.

Soup/shake - 7
I've started splitting my shakes into 2 portions because they were making me feel sick afterwards and I was getting hungry again quickly.

I have half a shake about 8.30 with 8fl oz of water and then the other half about 30-40 minutes later. I have my lunch time shake about 1 and my dinner at about 7.

I'm going to start having my dinner one earlier as I've not been sleeping very well. I feel like I've had loads of caffeine even though I've not had any!

Has anyone else had problems sleeping?



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So far at day one

porridge 8.am
mint shake 12.30
mint shake now 15.30
and soup later between 6 and 8
guess im lucky as 4 packs a day
so really just have when feeling peckish.

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