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What time do you have your shakes???

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Hi just wondering what time you all have your shakes?

Im currently on day 10 and not feeling hungry at all:eek: to the point that I have to remind myself to have my last shake.

I have been having them around 10am, 4pm and the last one 8-9pm....is this too late??

As I said I do have to remind myself to have them? is this the norm? is it because I am in ketosis??

Sorry for the questions but as this is my first time on LT I am still pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming, not feeling hungry:eek: (I understand its still early days and I may feel hungry again, but loveing it at the mo)
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Your times are fine im roughly the same and like that there has been nights were i have been going up to bed when i would realise i havent had a shake just be careful not to miss it though thats what i done and it startedme picking which is the worst thing ye can do as it will take ye out of ketosis and you will feel hungry ..Im back to the start tomorrow again and i dread the though of it cause i was doing great and not hungry but i missed my night shake mon and tue and this eve i ate and ate bad :(
You will kinda know by your mouth when your in ketosis every so often if you have slowed down on drinking water your mouth will dry up nearly telling you to drink something but once in ketosis ye wont feel hungry at all best of luck xx
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I have mine at 2pm and 8pm...I really struggle to have my third because Im not hungry and plus I feel sick having them.


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I have mine around 9am, 1.30pm and 7.30pm.
Somedays I'm not always wanted the lunchtime one (til I see somebody eating!)
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I have mine at 7am & 7pm


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10am 4pm 7.30pm (ish) never feel like having the last one i know its important to have them all though so i only have the minimum amount of water in the last so there isnt really much to drink
I do one about 8.30am and one about 5.30pm. Just before work and while I'm watching Neighbours lol.
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I have mine at 11am - 3pm - 7pm.
I definitely want all!

Some on here only seem to drink two. Isn't it like massively important to drink all three?
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i have mine at 10,2 and 7pm x


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As I start work at 9 then lunch break at 12.15 I have my first at 12.15 then second at 5ish and third at 8 or 9 If I struggle to have the last one I just mix it with less water just to get it down and obviously drink more water.
I have mine at 7.30am, 1pm and the last at 7:30/8pm. I always really want the last one and feel great after it.
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I'm on day 3 and I'm finding it easier to split the shakes so I don't get too hungry. So I have a whole one at 9.30am, half at 12pm, half at 2ish, half at 5pm and then the last half at about 8pm which is always a hot choc one :)

It seems to be working so far and I'm pleased to say I'm not ravenous today! :D

Julie x

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