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what time do you have yr shakes?


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Good morning all!

Im about to start cd tomorrow, tried it a few months ago but fell at every hurdle:eek:... Anyway, what i discovered was the earlier i have my 1st shake, the harder it is during the day... I usualy had it about 8am, then struggled by about tea time when id had my last 1..

what time does every1 else start their day off with them?
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i have my 1st at 11am ish, 2nd at 3pm ish and 3rd 6-7pm ish.

good luck hun, when i 1st started cd i used to split my shakes in 2 so i had 6 smaller shakes .


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i find the earlier i have my shakes the harder it is so what i do most days is try and get most of my water down me at work (here now) then if i go home do the house work and tidy up and have another mug of water with flavouring i find its then about 2-3pm have first shake then next shake woukd be around 7-8pm then last my treat a bar would be about 10-11pm (I go to bed late and get up early)!maybe thats why i feel knackered all the time lol I NEED MORE SLEEP


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i have mine 12oclock dinner time,then again at 4pm then again at 7,then i feel the times during the day from 12 till 7 when i am active i can cope and am not hungry,then its bath telly and bed the days go quick and because you are feeding regulary no hunger,although that is just me ,most people say you have to start early to wake the body up , but this way for me this works


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thanks girls, i think id been having them too early the last time i did it.. i didnt NEED to have it so early, i think it was bordum!

for the 1st few days im going to split them and have 6 small shakes then go to 3, see how it goes


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I struggled on ss with three packs an the same thing - I solved it by having a half shake vanilla with coffee at 8am, soup at 12, the other half pack at 5/6pm and my last pack at 8pm - hope that helps.
For me it was because of the habit of needing breakfast and having something when I got home from work - doing it this way really helped!!
I am the total opposite... My problem area is not feeling hungry in the evening, but actually in the day at work so I have a bar at 7am then a shake at noon and normally a shake at 6.... Or sometimes I have my 2nd at noon and my third at about 4pm....

I don't get the munchies at all in the evening, just during the day when I am working.



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I have 1/2 a shake at 8, 10, 12, 2/3, then my mini tea (on SS+), 7pm I have 1/2 a bar then 9/10pm last shake. Works well for me!
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me too. i have no problems during the evening as i am normally in class or at home as everyone in my family noes i am on the diet so there is actually no food for me : P
i have mine at 10am, 2pm and 6pm..there are 4 hours break between each shake.i used to have mine at 7am too before i came to work but it is really hard because i start to want tea when i reach work so having a shake in the morning while everyone is having their morning tea and coffee is a good idea to curb the desire.once you have your packet, you dont want anything else for the time being.


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Morning ladies, like some of the others I don't have anything till lunch time, drinking lots of water in the morning, tetra pack with additional water at lunch then the other packs in the evening. I am very lucky and have 4 a day though as I'm tall, but never have a problem fitting them all in in a day!

Have a good day



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I have mine around 11-12.....5pm and 8pm


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I must be odd lol. I have my first about 8am (during the week) 10am at weekends, then one about 2pm then another about 7pm (9pm if I have been to the gym) I drink lots of water in between and when I'm at work its ok, no temptations - weekends are tough feeding my little monster but I have started to leave him to it. Any leftovers are given to the dog!

Good luck, you will work out what is right for you.

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1st between 12.30-1, 2nd 6.30 and last around 9. Drink lots of water in between


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I have 4 packs a day, and i am happy enough having them at about 12-1pm then another around 3, one around 6 and the final around 8/9. It keeps me happy enough. Although i am looking forward to Monday, not just for my first Weigh in, but also to get the packs i like. I am really not fond of the sweet types at the moment, more fond of the soups!

Roll on the chocolate bars! wohoo!


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well i think im going to give it a try and have them a bit later... seems to be working for loads of others!

martyn: i think im going to give the bars a miss, once i start chewing i dont think i could stop!!


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Shakes in the morning, soup in the afternoon - now I have the bars too, I have THEM for breakfast, cut it into 16ths and make it last for as long as I can.


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I work from 9-5.30 but have to leav home at 7.45 & don't get home til after 6 :(. I have porridge for breakfast at around 7.15, I have a CD product at either 12.45/between 1-2 and at the mo, as I'm on 810 have dinner around 6.30 and then a shake for 'tea' before bed at 10.30 :).

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