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what time


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
does eveybody eat at? i have read that you should not eat carbs after 5 then others are saying not to eat anything after 8 . Also i read somewhere that it dosent maltter what time you eat as your body does not know the time weather you eat late or early . anybody help :sigh:
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During the week I tend to eat rather late as I only get back from work at 6.30, then want to relax before we eat so we seldom eat before 8.30. Any later than that and I feel uncomfortable going to bed with a full stomach.
Weekends, we tend to have our main meal at lunch time, which I would prefer f I wasn't working, and in the evenings just have a light snack and/or fruit and muller light as I am still full from lunch.
I believe that it doesn't matter when you eat. I think it's been said that tests have been done and it makes no difference.


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I work shifts, varying from starting at 04.00 ish to 22.00 ish so my eating times are based on when I work.

Brekky is obviously pretty soon after you get up, then lunch I have about 5 or so hours later, and dinner another 4-5 hours after that, but it really does depend on what I am doing at any given time at work.

Years ago we had a nutritional expert into work and she told us it made no difference what time you ate as your body clock will be retimed to your workshifts so the actual time was irrelevant; But this week I have read in the paper that late evening is bad.

When they have finished fighting over it and made their minds up, maybe they will let us know haha
my last meal is anywhere from 7-10pm!
A syn is a syn, a free food is a free food and an HEX is an HEX whether it is 6.30 in the morning or 9.30 in the evening. The body doesn't differentiate (as far as I am aware). So if you want to have your carbs late go for it.