What to do if you run out of sachets???!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim TFR 100%' started by Wetherbirdpaula, 4 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Help!!

    I realised yesterday that I'm going to finish the last of my sachets today, and I'm not due to go back to the pharmacist till Tuesday. When I got my weeks' worth last Monday, I arranged to go in tomorrow to get weighed in and stock up and then it was realised that it is Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow, and the pharmacy will be closed. But I'd already paid and was pretty much out of the door when this was mentioned, and it didn't dawn on me till yesterday that it means I have no sachets for tomorrow.

    Has anyone ever been in this situation before?? My daughters boyfriend has Herbalife powder and I wondered if this would be ok to use (without the milk) just for tomorrow?

    Hope someone can help! xx
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  3. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Oh no. Im not too sure honey! If u have no other options I would use herbalife till tuesday. But im not sure how that works with ketosis but its better than eating. Hope u get on ok xx

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  4. I think I'm going to have to - I can't go all day without any kind of nutrition! I think the calorie intake is very similar once you take the milk out of the equation - whether it tastes the same is another matter but I can't be fussy!

    Thanks for your support Gemsy xx
  5. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    No probs I do hope u get thru it x

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  6. I'll tell you something - Herbalife powder made with water instead of milk is bleurgh!!!! I used more powder than in a normal HL drink to compensate for the lack of milk and it looked the same but tasted like weak strawberry water. Usually, I try and make my shakes last as long as possible because they're so yummy but after the initial taste, I downed this one asap! I think today is going to be a very long day! LOL! At least I get to go and buy a new washing machine - such a treat on a BH Monday! x
  7. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Ooooh dear really bleerrgh! Well dun for drinkin it tho.
    Id be dead excited to go washing machine shopping mines gone kaput n im using the mothers next door ha the only possible benefit of living next door to my mum lol (jokes)
    Imagine the smell of your clothes in a new machine mmmmmm. (Sad) :D
    Im sure youll get thru today just fine xxx

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