what to do? need advice please!


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I am wondering what to do with the CD as i come up to Christmas! I should hopefully have hit my first goal of 10st by 4th Dec, when I go to a music festival. I had intended to carry on until Xmas, but events are conspiring against me! I have the music festival, then a weekend away with my parents the following weekend, then the work Xmas meal the weekend after, then a family one the next week followed by Xmas itself! I am really looking forward to getting dressed up and having fun in my new slimmer bod, but I am a bit confused about what to do diet wise. My cdc suggests that once i hit 10st I begin to work up the plans and move to ww to lose the last half a stone I want off. That means ss will finish on 4th Dec which is so close! I want to really get the weight off and i am so nervous about eating again, but I feel ready to start enjoying life too! I could ss for a while yet as my bmi is still high (I am 5 feet 1)
What do you all think?
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Im not sure I can answer your question properly so will leave it to a CDC, but all I know is that I am going to eat xmas day, then straight back to plan. Im not going to any xmas parties, Im gonna be a bore this chrimbo, but I just want to be SLIM!!


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if anything - go low carb. forget spuds - eat lean meats and veg. It helps with me, i was SS+ now Im CD 1000 and all I eat is lean meats, low carbs and eggies xx


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I would skip the spuds and eat meat and veg. I want to have the shakes/bars over crimbletide and sometimes knowing you are eating those too, maybe enough to keep you on track :)


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I would also low carb it. If you ONLY eat when planned & get straight back on cd, then you can still lose a reasonable amount of weight for christmas. x


As others have said, low-to-no carb it.
I think you just have to do what is best for you - if you really feel like you'd miss out on your special meals, and are confident that you can get stright back on the diet even if it means going through 1 or 2 days of the not-so-pleasent feelings again, go for it :)


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There are three options -

All have consequences and it is a case of you knowing what is best for you.

1) stuff it all - it is only Christmas once a year and you are going to enjoy it - eat what you want and deal with the consequences later. Main consequence a big gain and diff getting back on the wagon afterwards.

2) Moderation - have a little bit of what you fancy and allow yourself a little freedom - but calculated - This is the one I've done the last 8 years and coped - usually with a small gain or ss. I let myself have a little bit of what I fancy but stick to the plan (ww in previous years) other days.

3) Angelic - stick to the plan - whichever one you are on - 100 percent and stuff it you will look fantastic - tough but no gain!! Some people on here do - I know Icemoose talked about it on one thread.

Whichever you choose - good luck!!


Tequila makes miaow happy
S: 17st1lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st4lb(36.82%)
Thanks Guys for your support. I have been thinking about this more and I think the reason I am so hung up about it is I am not sure what my final goal will be. My CDC advises I stay at 64kg as my final goal, this puts my bmi higher than 25 but I am muscular build. I originally wanted 60kg, but this may be too low. This has got all tangled up in my head with when i need to finish the diet - I only have 4kg to go to the higher total. I need to sit and have a good think about where I will be happy. Thanks for your advice, I will probably end up low carbing through Xmas just because it takes me so long to make my mind up!


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if you are starting to move up the plans before the events hon, then you shouldn't gain quite as much water weight as your stores will fill up slowly as you go up the plans. if you are doing 1000 plan for example, then if you have the odd meal, going back onto 1000 for the rest of the time won't be so bad as you will no longer be in ketosis. i don't think that jumping on and off ss is an option. you'll spend the entirity of christmas feeling like crap!!

abz xx