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What to do...what to do??...


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Well, so far this week I've 'gained' a lb from last fridays WI, and am more than a little pi**ed off. I don't think I'll drop more than 2lbs between now & WI tomorrow to give me even a 1lb loss, so am feeling a bit blue.:sigh:
I don't know what the story is. I'm still bleeding (day 12 now?) but not much, surely any 'hormonal' issues wouldn't affect my weight this much?
I'm also pi**ed off as I have only 1 1/2wks worth of shakes left now. I was sooo hoping to get to goal in the 4-odd weeks I was back on TFR, but the last two weeks have more or less been 'wasted'? I'd planned starting to refeed next Friday, but am wondering should I do it from tomorrow, and save my shakes until next month? Maybe my metabolism has already slowed right down after my previous stint on LT (my losses were chronically bad towards the end last time too?). Maybe this would allow my metabolism to recover a little (and maybe get a repeat of my first weeks losses again?) I was grand during refeed last time, and managed to maintain for 3mths.

Should I stick it out and run the risk of 'wasting' the rest of my shakes, or stick where I am, maintain for a while, and give it another bash next month? I know LT isn't a quick fix, and this probably isn't recommended (stopping & starting) but maybe its the only thing that'll work for me? I really don't know?...:wave_cry:

I'm posting this in refeed as I don't want to annoy the tfr-ers with my moans! LOL!
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During my last weeks on TFR my losses really dropped, so I thought I would start re -feed early. I lost 4lbs the first, the second 1lb and this week 6lbs!!! All on re feed. You will still need your shakes on re feed, how long are you planning on re feeding. I bought another weeks's supply yesterday, so am going to do another 3 weeks until all my shakes have gone (finding it very hard to give them up completely!!)

If you stick to the sheet, you should continue to lose, but good luck with whatever you decide to do. Hope your health gets better to, you may even catch up next with a good loss.


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Hi Irish

I dont know what to suggest for the best as I know what you have gone through in the past. Your body is a bit like mine and likes to cling onto the weight :)! It gets very frustrating and not much of a life either sticking constantly with the shakes.

Personal opinion; I would refeed! Using the shakes you have and then see how you get on.

Like you say, LT isnt a quick fix, but I dont think it is the fact you arent sticking with it, I just think maybe your body is all over the place with what you are putting it through with starting/stopping, etc....if you maintained for so long the last time, then I think you should try and get to that place again.

I know it can be difficult when others seem to lose so much more than we do, but I think you need to just look at you and say you are an individual and dont compare..I know I started to do that and still can sometimes...but, at the end of the day, I like what I am now, albiet not the weight I would prefer to be, but I aint fat any longer ;-)! So, I would say "go for it"...others may say differently but I read between the lines that you are getting to that "fed up place" again because you arent seeing the results! Why put yourself through the misery...you know you are fairly good on refeed/maintaining by reigning in when you need but being able to enjoy yourself too.

Not sure if much help, but can only give my opinion and what I would do.

Hope you make the right decision for you.

Take and let us know what you decide.


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Seems to me Irish that you already know what you want to do.

You call being on tfr another week a 'waste' so there is your answer, whether you conciously knew that or not lol

Dont get disheartened though chick, look at your amazing over all loss :)

Refeed properly and stick to the sheet and who knows, you may lose some on refeed :) :fingerscrossed:


A little of everything!
You call being on tfr another week a 'waste' so there is your answer, whether you conciously knew that or not lol
LOL! I know how that came across, but I meant a waste of my precious shakes- not a waste of my time! If I had more shakes left I'd stick it out, but I sometimes think what am I 'wasting' them for if I'm not losing? Does that make sense?
Refeed properly and stick to the sheet and who knows, you may lose some on refeed :) :fingerscrossed:
Well, I didn't last time, just sts, but I'd be okay with that!
I'll have a think and see how the morning goes. I'll report back then with the results & see what you all think?...
Thanks again everyone.:eek:


A little of everything!
As I suspected...

still 10st 6lbs. :sigh::cry:

So it's a sts this week as I suspected. Am a bit pi**ed off tbh. But leaning towards sticking at it to the end? Am I a glutton for punishment? I'm now thinking that something has to be up- I cannot be taking in 500cals a day and NOT losing weight- so it HAS to catch up on me sometime soon? :confused::confused::confused:

Or do I accept that this is where I'm 'supposed' to be?



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Irish - maybe that is the weight your body is 'meant' to be .. maybe it doesnt want to lose anymore and is happy with where you have gotten her!

Whatever you decide good luck and keep us informed :D


A little of everything!
LOL! Maybe. I guess I thought I'd finally be the boss of my body- not it the boss of me as it always has been!!

I think I'll give it over the weekend and see if anything changes?

Thanks Tanya. xx


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Ok my lovely :) Hope all turns out well for you xxx
Hi babes i only just found this thread im so sorry your still having a hard time. I know wat you mean bout losing less and it making you feel bad. Maybe refeed is a good idea you dont have much left to lose and you will prob lose that on refeed. It might also stop your dreadfully long period!

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