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what to do when you want to eat?

Hey guys!
Hope ur all ok. Im finding it really difficult today as i usually go out on a sunday for a meal with my mum or dad, which i LOVE doing! I always want to eat if im bored, down or stressed, or even happy! so I was thinking, when i come off this how will i deal with those emotions without eating all the time? I dont even know how i came to want food so much in these situations, i feel like i need a psyciatrist to sort me out! How do u deal with the situations that trigger you wanting to eat? Coz i just cant see myself going for a bath or something every time i want to eat when i come off this. Do u think food will be less of a big deal when the diet is finished and so you wont want to eat more? or i spose i could go the other way and just eat and eat, which im scared of coz im not goin through this diet just to put it all back on and more!

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Heres your sister, life aways seems to revolve around food. I generally have a cup of black tea to try and ignore the hunger. So far this week it seems to be working! or get out of the house for a walk with the headphones and the dog.


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I sniff the food - then have a big glass of water. I find this helps.


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smelling food is a great help and also i find cooking helps aswell :D
yip I'm a sniffer dog too, lol

Though its also led me to eat before too so this time I'm planning to just drink a pint of water everytime I'm weak or tempted.

The more ya drink the more ya shrink!!


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Loving that saying the more you drink the more you srink!!! ;););)
LOL! Me too- brilliant- thats my mantra for the week!
I'm loving cooking even more than normal, being on this diet.....I find it's very theraputic and I slavishly watch my OH tuck in and very VERY put out if he leaves anything on the plate....Actually.....I think he's put on a few pounds .....DOH!

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