What to do with pork steaks?

Mrs V

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Im griling mine with mustard powder and frylight, then eating them with syn free veg on a Red day and having 100ml Tesco gravy granules for 2 syns this evening!

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I prefer them grilled plain with just a stirfry or mash & veggies, but I have slow cooked them before in a can of chopped tomato's with some chilli flakes which was nice.

If you don't have a SC you can casserole them in the oven the same way (whole).


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hi, i usually do mine in, marined natural yoghurt, mixed with curry powder then put under the grill till cooked, they're really good


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peppercorn sauce. I made it on the weekend it was lovely. With milk, gravy granules, crushed and whole peppercorns.