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What to do? WW or Atkins

Hello everyone.. I'm back.

I've had a lovely holiday and before I went away I did WW for a couple of months and lost a bit (most of it in the first month then STS the rest because I wasn't trying hard enough)

I haven't been to WI for about 6 weeks. Class is tonight and i'm wondering what to do.

I'm motivated to lose the weight again, and I know WW works when I stick to it, but having previously done Atkins and losing a good amount, I don't know which to go for.

Atkins is expensive I found, and can be difficult to plan meals out, but otherwise I can eat the foods I really like and it works well.

WW I struggled to count my points all the time because I was lazy. But it worked well and I could eat normal food.

If I go to WI tonight, will I be classed as a restarter after 6 weeks? I wouldn't want my weight to go on my old card because I know I have put everything I lost back on :(
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Glad you had a fabby holiday, a break away from everything makes such a difference. Now back to reality lol.

At the end of the day the choice is yours. You can see faults with both but with any weightloss plan you need to make the effort. If you're too lazy to count points your doomed to fail.
I did Atkins years ago and it wasn't for me. As you say it's expensive and you have to weigh up the pros and cons with both plans.
I find, for me, ww'ers is easier as I can eat ANYTHING, nothing is out of bounds but you have to count it. It's healthier too as I found all the meat, cream and butter too rich for me with Atkins plus on top of that I found out I had an ulcer and the high fat foods didn't help!
With any plan you have to work at it but it's deciding which is best for you. We are here for you to give you the support you need, that's one of the reasons I come on here.

Good luck hun with whichever you choose, I'm sure you will have a great success x
As HazyKay said it a personal choice and really every plan works if you stick to it.

I prefer atkins because I don't like to eat a lot of sugar and salt and it's (in my opinion) eating food in it's real state without preservatives etc. You don't have to have cream and butter but you can.

It's a personal choice. Good luck with whatever you do.


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Why don't you mix it up a bit, do WW but lower your Carb intake? :)
Well i've decided to go for Atkins. I actually enjoy the diet because it's all food I enjoy, and if I get to a stage where I feel I can't carry on with it i'll hop back to my WW meetings.

Starting on Monday :D I have my shopping list!

Thanks for the help guys :)


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Good luck, you know where we are if you need us xx

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