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What to do?


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I'm really not sure what to do right now and i know nobody can give me the answer but all views are welcomed.

I'm due to fly tomorrow, working a 12 hour flight plus the 4hours before hand and the 2 hours after to get off aircraft and to hotel, so in total an 18hour, non stop hectic day.

Well i have not been feeling great all evening and even slept for 4hours (not like me, i genuinely feel i'm coming down with something). I am tempted to call in sick in the morning which i never do unless i'm practically dying! I don't know at the moment how i will feel in the morning but the thought of doing that 18hour day on 3 shakes and water is making me feel so much worse. I have committed to this week 100% and don't want to ruin it by feeling weak on the flight and needing to eat (no healthy choices).

Sorry because i'm rambling but any suggestions, i know you can't tell me not to work or yes go to work but thoughts would be appreciated.

I'll also add i have only ever been sick once in 11months (2days off). I just feel i'd rather be at home so i can stay on track and if i do feel bad at least i can rest without taking the gamble. Any views?x
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I think it's times like this where adding another pack to your day might help. As your day is extra long and you sound like you need an extra does of energy.

I'm sure a CDC will be along in the morning to give some better advice though :)

Dee x
Try to get some water down you early, I tend to find that helps, take tetras with you if you have them and hopefully being so busy with take your mind off of feeling low.

The main thing is to be comfortable with whatever you decide.



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As you say hun only you know how you are feeling but due to your long day I would say take an extra shake with you if you go.
Hope you are feeling better soon. ;)xx
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hey hun, what have you decided to do?

if it were me i would take an extra pack with me, or take some chicken and abit of salad just to have for dinner..


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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have called in sick, they were fine about it as i gave them plently of time to call in a standby but i just feel so guilty...and why is that just after you call in sick you suddenly feel a little better, maybe the pressure is off!

Abz i'm feeling ok thanks, def don't feel i could of got through the day so i'm pleased to be home, was up through the night with toothache aswell (not sure if diet related at all) so think it's best i didn't fly.xx


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Thanks Susan.x


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you don't want to be ill before you fly honey... the flight probably wouldn't go too well. sometimes you just have to look after yourself. you aren't taking the piss so don't worry about it. just work on feeling better. give it a week and you'll be running circles around them all :)

abz xx
Thanks abz, just seen your message...have been feeling guilty all day like maybe i could have worked so your message made me feel less guilty about having a lovely hot bath, turning the heating up and relaxing in front of big brother, lol. What a life!!xx


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ha. it sounds like a good one. i'm working all weekend :(

you have to be number one sometimes honey and if you are feelnig bad then you are feeling bad. there is nothing you can do about it. if you came off the diet now you'd feel bad in any case so just go for it!!

abz xx

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