What to eat in Florida


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I was going to stop for 2 weeks, but am now thinking about taking some bars with me, as for other food surely if I eat a no carb diet I will stay in Ketosis. After doing the atkins before there are loads of foods you can eat. Or is this different somehow :confused:

Is it something to do with all the fat in Atkins foods.

Im wondering because when I go to florida at Xmas would i not be better eating no carb food, than just keeping it low calorie (with a mixture of foods). I know on no carb i will keep in ketosis.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks guys
In theory I think it should work, and it will make it so much easier to continue the diet when you get home. Atkins is supposed to be a very deep ketosis due to lack of carbs, you might want to take vitmain and mineral supplements. While some areas of Atkins are high fat you can be selective, I've heard that menus which give you low-carb choices are very common in the States. Fish and seafood will keep the fats down too.
Have a brilliant holiday what ever you decide.
Hi madwife,

I am going to florida a week on saturday, i have ss for the last 11 weeks, now i am on 790 plan up to my holidays, when i go away i am going to enjoy myself but try try try to eat healthy,

alot of the resturants do a low carb option, and wall mart is full of it.

Enjoy your holiday. x
See you there Pebbles. LOL

We go the day before you on the 24th.

Madwife, it is very easy to eat healthily out there because they do so many healthy options. Mind you the bad things can be tempting but you just have to be strongwilled.

You will enjoy it.