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What to eat?

I seem to have the munchies today, but am now out of snack ideas - any suggestions? I'm trying to avoid dairy as much as poss as my weight loss has so far been painfully slow (and have already had a bit of cheese today), and not really in the mood for more meat of eggs. Can't make a MiM or have an Atkins bar as there's no large supermarkets near me to buy flax / bars, only a rubbishy little tesco express and corner shop - not sure if they even have sugar free jelly :( So I'm a bit stuck, lol.
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Pork scratchings are good for me.. I get full really quickly with them as they're so high in fat ... So can't usually manage more than 1/2 small bag at most and the crunch makes it feel like you're eat something satisfying! Lol

And chick breast is such dense, dry meat that I usually get bored or full before I finish a whole one! Lol usually dip it in Mayo :)
Ha, yep I am definitely fed up of chicken breasts today! Feel as though I've eaten a whole chicken, possibly because I've had the equivalent amount.

So I went to the shop and stood holding a reduced price chocolate dessert for about 1/2 an hour and drooling.... Somehow, I managed to put it back and buy some very expensive random seafood instead - probably the weirdest snack choice when I wanted something chocolatey and has taken me slightly over my daily carbs, but was the best I could think of other than meat which I couldn't face!

I'm not a massive fan of pork scratchings tbh, and they dont have any in my local - but thanks for the suggestion. It's also been ages since I've eaten them, so maybe I should give them another try.
Others on here eat baby bels and peperami sticks... I seem to have a low threshold of boredom so am ok at he moment! Good luck with it :)
Thanks Di. Baby bels are a good idea, yum. When I started I tended to snack on cheese every now and then, but not sure if it was stalling me. My loses were extremely slow even though I am pretty sure I was following things to the letter (ok, so there were a couple of weekends when i went a bit off plan.... but even 3 weeks of induction with no cheats didn't do that much).

So far this week I am 2.2lb down :) Admittedly that could be coz its following 2 weeks of gain :eek: But I have also been extra carefeful to avoid all cheese, dairy, and processed food, and made sure calories haven't been too high so I'm really hoping that's doing the trick!


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Emms so very well done for not getting the choc dessert, love, that really took strength!

For choc snacks, maybe try some 85% dark choc, the Divine one is reasonably low in carbs, 17 grams for the whole bar, so about 7 per row.
i usually keep a tub of leftovers in the fridge for snack emergencies .

things like chopped spicy chicken , chilli beef strips , a few cripsy bits of streaky bacon etc , they save me from falling off when i'm feeling munchy .
Thanks for the tip about Divine choc Susie, I will def have some as a treat at some point. Trying to stay strictly to clean and green for as long as poss, tho that might have a temporary break weekend as got a night out....

Ber - my leftovers never seem to last that long, lol. Think I must be a bit too greedy.


Clean green leafy machine
LOL on the leftovers - I never have much either, and if I do i then discover them at the back of the fridge days later :(
If there are yummy things in the fridge to eat then they have a knack of calling out to me to be eaten!Lol :)
are macademia nuts not ok on Atkins - they used to be but I think they've modified the diet since I did it.


Clean green leafy machine
Sorry guys, it's a no to nuts on Induction, I'm afraid :(

I had a handful of nuts a while back, was good with everything else and put on 3lbs almost overnight :eek:. So try to resist!


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I find pork scratching good aswell, as really filling and as they are salty, they can make you thirstly, which makes you want to drink more water, so double benefit - full and hydrated

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