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what to have when we are out...

any ideas?
when i am out shopping etc i never know what to buy for my dinner

but lately i have been getting a boots meal deal, so i buy
- a king prawn noodle salad (3syns)
- fruit usually, sometimes a yogurt (shapers strawberry yoghurts are 1/2 syn)
- water

i have looked in the food directory and some from tescos sounded lovely, shame they never have them in HAAAA

any other ideas?
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Do you always go to boots Jade? What other shops have you got nearby?
well when i go shopping it is full of places i suppose, off the top of my head there is...

and well the ugly..mcdonalds, KFC, burgerking


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I've been having Uncle Bens Express Rice with Mushrooms (half a syn) with maybe some chicken (free on Extra Easy) Melon (free and a super speed) Carrot Sticks (free) Muller Light (free)


Jacket potato with baked beans (free on green)


Pasta (free) with a tomato based sauce (not sure of syns)... packed with veg (free)



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When out and about shopping for new, smaller clothes (!any excuse!), I pick up snack packs of hard boiled eggs from a Morrisons. I always eat those and grapes in the car. If actually needing to have a sit down lunch I can use pretty much any food hall, as I generally opt for a baked tattie with either cottage cheese (even if it isn't V low fat, it's mega-low syns, and filling). I'm not much into sarnies, but remember that if you choose brown bread you can deduct 6 syns if you use it as a HEb.
Days at work that I buy lunch I use the local bakers, cos they humour my picky-odd demands. I have a two-egg, dry fried roll on brown, or a baked tattie no spread and heaps of beans. They chuckle at my two egg-rolls....they call me greedy (in jest), but then in the next breath one will ask if there's something different about me...! I haven't quite spelled out I've lost a heap of weight, with my greedy ways! hahaha



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Well you learn something new everyday ! thankyou Mojomcl, I never knew that you could buy hard boiled eggs, I do like to have these in my pocket for mid morning snack or to add to my lunch when away from home,now I know I can at least buy them instead of having a panic if I havent had time to boil them in the morning.


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I've only ever found them in Morrisons, and my nearest one is a 45-60 minute drive away...hence the reason I only get them on a day out shopping in Inverness or Aberdeen! They do them near the sandwiches, in a little pack of two and even a wee thing of salt 'n' pepper! Scrummy!

i will look out for the morrisons boiled eggs,i often have baked potatoes with beans or cottage cheese,omlettes with ham&tomato,cold meat salad,poached egg on toast,bacon sandwich,bacon eggs and tomatoes mushrooms,:)

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If Im on the run out shopping, then I have a packet of ham slices and some fruit salad to snack on and go on a Red Day, or failing that the good old jacket potato and baked beans!

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