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What to order - indian takeaway?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by stacey_jp, 7 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. stacey_jp

    stacey_jp Member

    I'm new to slimming world and am having an Indian takeaway tonight? Any suggestions on what to order? I normally would of had chicken korma pilau rice with nann bread and Bombay potatoes but I know that's a BIG no no now lol xxx
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  3. Laura2308

    Laura2308 Member

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    Hi, I went for an Indian the other night and I was good. Korma and tikka masala are the worst as they're full of cream, so choose a tomato based sauce, rogan josh is a good choice only 6.5 syns also a chicken dhansak is 6.5 syns, which is quite mild with chickpeas.

    Or go of a dry dish, I had fish tandoori which came with a vegetable curry sauce so them you can control how much sauce you have, you also get salad with the dry dishes in most places. Chicken tandoori is 9 syns.

    Don't have naan bread! (20 syns each!) Poppadums are only 4 syns each, and have boiled rice which is free if your following EE or green plan.

    Good luck! But enjoy!
  4. GiddyCrafter

    GiddyCrafter Full Member

    I just shared a Indian takeaway with hubby.
    1 poppadom 1 onion baghi small amount rice/madras curry it was lovely :)

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