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What truth in rumours ?

Hi all - we are two guys nearing the end of our 3rd week and we are both fast approaching the two stone mark. As you can imagine, this weight loss has really motivated us, but with 3 weeks or another stone left to go we are starting to think about what this will mean after we have completed the total replacement, move through to refeed and then maintenance.

There are a lot of rumours out there about Lipotrim that it is virtually impossible to keep the weight off once you come off the diet and I guess that has something to do with your metabolism being a bit out of whack.

Now obviously after total replacement, we need to change our eating habits and look at what and how much we eat but does anyone have any tips for refeed / maintenance to ensure that the weight stays off and any experience that says it can ?
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have you looked in the maintenance section.
there are plenty of people that manage to keep their weight under control once they have finished lipotrim.
i'm sure you could ask them any questions regarding this and they will help you out.
i do think its a matter of changing your eating habits totally though.you can't go back to how you ate before but that is the same as any diet you do.
if you don't eat sensibly then the weight will come back on.
its a life long committment x
best of luck to you both with losing the last stone.you have done amazing so far x
Yeah take a look at refeed and maintainence sections look out for Dunlop summergirl and jand ask them any questions they are all so helpful and knowledgeable!! And as jo says changing or eating habits is a lifelong commitment if we want to maintain our new weights well done so far and good luck with your remaining time:)


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Putting back weight lost during a diet is very common because dieters see a diet as having an end point, and then revert to old habits when that point is reached. Any diet (including Lipotrim) will be useless if that happens. What Lipotrim does though is give you an opportunity to rid yourself of cravings and desires during TFR. It is now that you need to start planning a life after TFR - first a strict re-feed lasting at least a week (I'd say do 2 just to be sure) and then a very strict maintenance. That's where I am now and it's tough but doable if you keep the determination. I am keeping a strict diary (and using myfitnesspal.com) to keep tabs on calorie intake and exercise so I can see the reasons for any change. I'm also still going to the pharmacist weekly for weigh-ins and that really helps too.
Start to read the refeed section and maintenance sections for help and advice. The important thing is to realise and accept that it is YOUR responsibility what you do with the opportunity LT has given you!!

All the best to you both

Fantastic - thank you very much for the advice and guidance - I will get reading through the maintenance section and will start planning as early as I can.

We really have the determination to keep the weight off this time so having a good refeed, maintenance and healthy eating lifestyles are really important to us both now.

Thanks again


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Am not guna lie - maintainence is extremely difficult. Its not about going from one diet to another but its trying to think like a 'skinny' person but adapt it to yourself.

You are going to have blips, you are going to have bad days but its all about compensating and pulling it back.

Exercise is quite important too.

Its not about cutting out food groups either - you cant live your life with no carbs/sweets/chocolate if thats what you really want. Don't deprive yourself of something but just dont go ott.

Its about finding that balance.

Some of us on maintainence are still trying to find it - its not going to happen over night like on TFR but someday it will.

I wish you luck and don't be a stranger over on our side of the board, come have a goose through the diaries - especially Jan's shes ace! :)

Oh and well done on your losses so far :) x
The weight can be kept off with sensible eating. That doesnt mean you are following a strict diet, its just being sensible with food.

If you follow the re-feed exactly to the sheet for 2 weeks, you shouldn't gain, or if you do have a gain, it will only be 1lb or so, as your body adjusts to having food again.

I maintained really good last year, from April - November. I followed a sensible eating plan, with the odd indulgence of chocolate, crisps etc, and alcohol. The key word to remember though is (moderation). Everything in moderation and you will be fine.

Good luck and well done on your losses so far.

PS - the only reason I gained over a stone, was that I stopped smoking on Nov 5th. Dont praise me for that though, because I started smoking again a couple of weeks ago.

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