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What was your BMI when you were a size 16?

Hi Jen,
I was a size 16 when I started, my BMI was 28.7. But it does depend on your height as well. But if you aim for around 28 - 29 BMI you should be about right!
Good luck

When I was a comfy size 16 my BMI was 29-30. I'm 5'6", hope this helps.
I'm quite short at 5.3 and my BMI was just over 30 at size 16.
When i joined SW last year they said 10lbs was about a dress size, but everone is different, and it depends whether you're a small 16 or comfortable 16 etc. Hope this gives you something to aim for. When i was a 16 my bmi was 31, and i'm 5'4".
thanks for all your help. i'm 5 foot 4 and my bmi is 32.5 at the min so i reckon i'll be a 16 by bmi 30 at the most as my 18's are already getting loose. X x x


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i was bmi 30 at size 16 and 5'2" now a size 12 and bmi is 25.6 :D


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I'm 5' 7'' my BMI is 30 and I'm a comfortable 16.
Yep, I'm also 5' 2" and BMI was 30 at size 16, so your guess is probably spot on, Jen.
My BMI is 30 and i'm a loose 16 bottom and 14 top. I'm 5"7 (nearly 5"8 actually but BMI is based on 5"7).

What BMI are people at size 14?