what was your reason for starting cd?


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I was thinking last night of the reasons I want to lose weight the cd way and I couldnt believe how many reasons there was, I initially thought it was vanity and fed up of being fat, but here is the other reasons.

1) want to be able to buy nice clothes

2) want to take kids to theme parks without having to pretend i'm scared to go on rides rather than I'm too fat!!

3) so I can go on a plane without worrying will the belt fit, will the tray come down? Last time I just about got belt on was a struggle breathing in.

4) so I can stand for more than 5 mins without getting a backache

5)because I look and feel disgusting

6) health reasons ( I am diabetic, no meds though)

7) so I dont have to make excuses not to have my photo taken lol

8) wont be embarrased when I am out food shopping at till, thinking everyone is scanning my shopping. (prob complete paranoia)

9) other diets have failed miserbly as I always crack, with cd I wont have the constant worrying about what or not to eat.. just drink and go lol

prob missed out loads, but was wondering what was the final straw/s for everyone else
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Hi Michelle, great post I admire your honesty!
I would say... after 5 yrs of struggling with other diets & joining different gyms only to lose & gain the same 7lbs over and over was main reason for starting CD and the final straw was a fat holiday pic that I could bear to show anyone!!

I'm 11 weeks and am so thankful to have found CD, it was like someone gave me the golden ticket !!



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S: 18st4.5lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 7st4.5lb(39.96%)
yep that was another reason lol signing up to gyms only to not go and waste money cos I was tied in lol

My honesty only goes as far as here havent told no one face to face ie family etc reasons are just too embarrassing then lol


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we all have different reasons but reading your post you had all mine, i agree with the shopping point i thought i was paranoid but its true, i just wanna fit into normal clothes and not carry around an Evans carrier bag all my life... in fact i just wanna feel normal


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Hi I have so many reasons impossible to list!
Have you read the sticky thread 50+reasons to lose weight its a fantastic read and in places hilarious


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Hi there, great thread!
I can relate to almost all of your reasons too, my last straw was an awful fat picture of me and my son on a beach in August, I cried because I didn't recognise myself!

One of my main incentives is because we would like to try for another baby but I do not want to be pregnant this heavy, for health reasons mostly but I know I would be mortified at every scan and midwife appointment.

Also, my son starts nursery school in Jan and I don't want to be a really fat mummy :-(

Finally, I just want to feel like me again, over the last couple of years I seem to have lost myself, almost to the extent I don't even know how to get back there? Losing the weight is the first step. Thankfully I have a lovely hubby who tries to keep my confidence up but we all know it's about how we feel not others unfortunately.

Anyway, thanks for sharing xx


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S: 18st4.5lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 7st4.5lb(39.96%)
Have been just reading replys and the sticky 50 reasons to lose weight and I must say almost all of them are familiar. is interesting that we nearly all have the same reason or reasons.

My most recent reason is when I go to the footie I have to enter kind of turned sideways.my son finds this hilarious but not because of my weight more to do with it looks so funny!! that really made me think.

going for my weigh in a 7pm not expecting much as I only re-started properley today. Last week I was in preparation stage..