What was your turning point? please share x


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What was your turning point? what spurred you to start your weightloss journey? :)

Mine was a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t been happy for a long time, but a friend said the simplest of things and I’ve never been as committed until now.

We hosted a mini dinner party and said friend spotted one of the only photos I have of me. I tolerate it to please my partner (it’s of us both) and I still remember how I felt when that photo was taken. Overweight, very self conscience and still I feel that now whenever I glance at it.

Well of course the comment was…’’my god, don’t you look slim in this photo!’’

I was mortified. :cry:

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I can't quite place the turning point for me but in my head, there was a very obvious difference in how I felt & my motivation had never been so high... I can't bear another year passing with me wasting time sitiing on my fat ass when I could be losing weight!

This time won't just "be" different... it IS different... :)


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I think for me it wasn't so much of a moment but a long build up. I have just had enough of feeling like poo about myself. and like above I didn't want to waste another year of my life!


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For me it was just after xmas, putting photos up on facebook and looking back at the christmas photos from the last few years and I look so different now and couldn't believe i'd put this weight on without even barely registering it! :(



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I have been overweight since the age of 7. I was skinny as a little girl but then from 7 onwards I just continued to gain weight every year. I am now 21 and just realised I had never been happy with myself through my teen years and realised I need to change. It took alot of work to try and motivate myself and to get my head around the whole idea of exercising and healthy eating. To go from eating nothing but junk and no exercise for 14 years, to what I am doing now, was a big achievement for me and I am really proud of myself! :)

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With me, it was the realisation that the big 4-0 wasn't too far away. I've had a lot of health issues, which really haven't helped with my weight, but making excuses doesn't help anyone.

There was a simple choice - either continue as I was, or get pro-active and try and do something about it all. I've made a good start, so I just need to make sure I stick with it now :)


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i was going to a wedding last May and all i could get was a size 18 pants and a nive top,,i swore that day it was the first and last size 18 i'd buy and so far so good,,now i'm buying size 12's and some size 10's,,i still get a shock when i look in the mirror now and it really spurs me on:D


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I couldnt do up the seatbelt on a plane back from Holiday...ugh, I shudder just thinking about it now :(


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when i got bribed into taking my friends place in her gym class.... compared to the rest i looked and felt out of shape, and bigger.... i really loved the class too so i carried on, and it just dropped


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for me its just being fed up looking and feeling like this, i just told my self that enough is enough... i want to be able to wear what i want and to feel and look good again as i dont feel it at the moment


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I had an entire sleepless night last week, worrying, self loathing. Come the Wednesday morning I was going between the WW and SW websites, I picked up the phone, called a SW rep who runs a group near me, and that evening I was signing up and sitting in my 1st meeting. I think something just clicked in my head and I realised that if I carry on as I am, I'll end up like one of those people on TV documentaries who are housebound because of their weight. I realised it was now or never, my make or break year to find my happiness. That happiness will begin with improving my health and reducing my weight. :)

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My turning point was when I saw a photo of myself at a friends party, I looked enormous standing in the background like a baby elephant, I made myself feel sick :mad:
It was that plus the fact that all my clothes started to become too tight and what did fit looked like crap on me. Everything on me was fat, I looked a right state.
My other turning point was thinking of what men are attracted to, its certainly not a 14stone mess like I was so I had to do something about it. I'd been only 9st in my teens then I got depressed and comfort ate and got huge :( Now its a pain to get off again. I'm still depressed but I'm damn determined to be slim once again. I'm now 12st 3lbs and want more off.
WI tomorrow and fingers crossed I'll be 12st so that I can work on getting back into the 11st :)


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ah, for me it was a couple days ago, my 'comfortable' trousers dont fit anymore, theyve always been too big ¬_¬


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Wow, for me there's a lot of things that have spurred me on.

* I cannot bear to have photos taken of me. I only have a few photos of me and my 2 year old daughter, and it saddens me that I don't have more. When she's older, I want her to able to look through photos of us together, not just photos of her by herself or with her daddy.

* I got married last year and one particular photo was taken from a rather unfortunate angle, and I simply cannot bear to look at it. Such a shame cos it would have been a nice photo too.

* Walking into shops and realising I can't shop there anymore, because they don't carry a big enough size for me. Being restricted to the plus size sections sucks!

* Having difficulty closing the seatbelt on the plane coming home from holiday last year...I managed it, but it was extremely uncomfortable! This year, I WILL fit into the seat comfortably!

* Being too self-conscious to go swimming

* Dreading seeing people I haven't seen for a while, because I know they'll be thinking 'Jesus, she's put on weight!' (I used to be a size 8-10 whilst at school)

* And finally, and probably my biggest motivation: Being told by my GP that I have PCOS, and have about a 1-5% chance of conceiving another child, unless I lose weight. Me and DH are desperate for a second child. I need to lose weight to improve my PCOS and my fertility, and also to gain access to fertility treatment should we need it. (My daughter was conceived naturally, with no problems when I was 18 and a size 14).

I have tried various diets over the past 2 years, and I've failed with all of them. But this time, something is different...Ive never had this much motivation or will-power before. I AM going to succeed! xxx


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* Health reasons (even though I'm fine now theres a family history of type 2 diabetes).
* Feel more confident.
* Also at the time I started dieting I was seeing a guy. Even though he wasn't botherd by my weight and he was a little on the bigger side himself, the idea of getting undressed in front of him worried me. Even though I ended up not sleeping with him (for another totally unrealated reason), I realised that this probably would effect any other relationships I may have in the future.
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My turning point was on the 19th of December when my husband got drunk at a party and my uncle found him outside possibly about to get up to go good with a slim, pretty blonde who is 21! Gggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt that nothing happened but it made me realise two things:
1. that I've let myself go and I need to become the sexy confident women that he first fell in love with
2. That if he is in fact a cheating piece of scum!!!!! That he will do it again at some point and I need to have the confidence and self believe in myself to leave him and know that I will be ok
My weight had got out of control and I was becoming a doormat because i felt that i was lucky to have anyone looking the way I did.
I'm not dwelling on it thou! What's happened has happened and all I can do is make my future stronger :)


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I'm hoping I've just hit 2 turning points after semi-dieting for a long time. First I've gone over the 11 stone mark and last time I did that I got to 13 and a half before I did something about it, and second I am now squeezing into my 'fat' clothes.