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What was your turning point?

My turning point was our Disneyworld holiday in June...I was so unfit! I was in so much discomfort that I had to keep sitting down every 1/2 hour or so. The 9 hour flight was so uncomfortable too!!

I started the diet the day I got back nearly 3 weeks ago and I'm now 17 1/2 lbs lighter, 3rd weigh in on Monday.

I have a couple of reunions from September and I want to feel good for those.

Try to keep really really busy on the first 3/4 days on the diet and before you know it, you'll be in the swing of it. You can do it!!


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my turning point was seeing someone doing it, losing more than 80 pounds and feeling great. Ok that's maybe simplifying it a lot because it was more of an underground work (including psychological help) that made the change much slower than a proper "turning point". But it worked for me ;)


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I tried last year to lose baby weight while on mat leave on slim fast and going to the gym, got really into it and felt great, but after I went back to work it all went downhill.

The turning point for me was a few weeks ago, we were about to go on holiday, I gave myself a kick to get my cards paid off, cancelled the gym that was costing me a fortune while I wasnt going, and decided that I have got to be realistic, no point in saying that I am trying to lose weight because I have a gym membership after all, if I dont actually use it.

So I made 2 appointments for the day we returned from holiday, 1 to see the GP about stopping smoking and one to see the CDC. I dont know why I suddenly got on with it. I think it is because I have loads of changes coming up in Nov (being made redundant, need to find a whole new career and direction) and I just think I need to prepare for that, not keep putting it off, so I might as well stop putting off everything else as well.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Having my DD and wanting to be fit and healthy by the time she is old enough to understand :rolleyes:
My Mum at Christmas said to me: "Another chocolate? If you carry on eating then you will pop. You used to be so slim, what happened?" I was 12 stone 2 at that point and a size 16. It took me a few months longer to get my head in the right place but I'm now down 1 stone 11lbs with another 10 lbs to go. I can now just about get into a size 10 so it's kinda two fingers up to my size 18 Mum lol!

I do love her really but very harsh words from her :-/


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Creeping back up to morbidly obese again...decided enough was enough - also I started getting jowls...not good!
It was totally unrelated but I found a lump in my breast. It was totally harmless (a fibrodenoma) and unrelated to my weight but I had to get an operation to remove it. In that moment I realised how much I was mistreating my body & how much I actually valued my health so I vowed to get fit and lose weight. When I reached my half way point I became a bit lax but now I'm motivated again to finish what i started :) x

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