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What will you do at goal?


Minimin Addict
Does anyone have any plans or ideas for when they loss some weight or get to goal??

When i lose enough weight i want to go on a plane on holiday.
When i get to goal i'd like to renew my wedding vows and have new photos taken because i hate my wedding pics,:cry:
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Oh god i haven't even thought about this really?

I know one thing but i dont want to go into that...but besides that i have no idea.

Knowing me, Ill just go buy shed loads of new clothes and stuff



Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
lol when i hit goal i binged !!! not a good idea as i was no longer at goal! Xx


plodding away
When I get to goal I intend to spend the money I would have forked out on a gastric band on a new me - physically and mentally. Total make over and new wardrobe buyinh what I want not just what fits. Fab holiday to chill and enjoy my new wardrobe. After this just intend to enjoy my life as a slim person
Why is it we shall want cake? or a big lovely meal?(in my case)...completly defeats the purpose lol x


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
lol im dieting so i can have a nice body for the beach in june yet im planning on buying a "retro pick n mix" for the plane! hah
Pick n Mix...god i aint had one of them in years...i think ill be joining you on that one!!!

When in June you going away WMBB??


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
at the very start of june! i cant wait! very excited :) i just made a list of the pic n mix i want to order from a website i like and it came to £27 eeek lol its alot of sweets!
Im booking one for the 21st of june...ahhhh need to be less wobbly!!

£27....thats alot alot of pick & mix!! Oh im in the mood for sweeties now!

I think i may have some for a treat on thurs...new weigh day (keeps changing)..had a sneaky weigh today and am down 2.5 lbs from thurs woo hoooooo!

I had that 2 weeks ago weighed thur peaking as I weigh Mondays and showin I lost 3lbs Ilwhen I weighed the Monday I'd gained 1.5 and I'd been really really good???? Hope yours stays off , has made me aware how our bodys change daily ? :( xx


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I plan to be at goal by June 4th, got a massive shopping trip planned with my friend who has lost 3 stone so far so have that to look forward to :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
A shopping trip so i can buy nice things straight from the hanger rather than trying 4 or 5 things on that dont fit and go with "frumpy mummy" :(


Otherwise known as Jools
Goal is a long way off for me yet but I know that when I get there it will mean a massive shop for a whole new wardrobe and am very seriously thinking of a success/well done tattoo :D

I hope to be pretty near goal by October for my hols - we shall see :D


Sweet wrapper fetishist.
Like curvygirl I'm considering getting a tattoo for myself - on my shoulder because before weight loss I would never have gone anywhere without a cardigan on (and I still won't at the moment!) so it would never have been seen!

And I'm buying myself a bottle of Champers and I'm going to have that when I get to goal!
Im going to go for a celebratory meal with my bf to the all you can eat chinese! hahah! i will be at goal for all of one day :D
I'm planning to go to America/Canada next year (After Graduation) with Trek America and I'm determined to be at my target weight by then (I have to admit New York clothes shopping is calling)


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I'm going to treat myself to a new outfit. I've never been able to wear knee length boots as my legs were always too big, so a pair of boots and black leggings.
Some people say 'fat birds shouldn't wear leggings' well I won't be fat when I'll be wearing my leggings :D :D

Also, I have seen a military style jacket with a lace up back which will pull you in and show off curves, so I'll team that up with my boots and leggings and I will be jumping around like a looney!!

I also want to get my original wedding ring on. When it didn't fit me anymore, I bought a cheap wedding ring rather than go without one (as my original one is far too small), so to get my ring back on my finger will be such a boost.

Do you know, all our dreams are achieveable if we put our minds to it and the only thing stopping us is ourselves!!
Ill probably run up and down the garden naked screaming with joy!!

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