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What will you do when you've lost the weight?


Is feeling the love!
I was flicking through a mgazine last night and came across a pair of Channel jeans that I would love but I thought they were out of my price range.
So I was thinking what will I treat myself to once I have reached my goal weight.

I have started a list.

1. Those Channel jeans. :cool:
2. A great big tattoo on my back.:p
3. Some really great family photo's done by a professional.

What about you guys?
What will be evryones treat?

Just a little something for us to look forward to.
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Great idea Lind, I hadnt thought before what I would do, but I am going on holiday in September, so I guess my treat would be a really nice bikini (eek) or swimsuit if not comfortable with bikin, and some nice shorts..as I dont feel confortable in shorts at the moment.
What sort of tattoo do you fancy, and have you got any others?


Is feeling the love!
Hi Claire, I have 2 tattoos, one is flowers on a vine that goes over the top and down the back of my left shoulder. the other one is on my foot, it's some 1950's flowers and the hubbys name. The one I am going to have is an old 1940's style black panther all over my back, with lots of flowers behind it.
Have you got any tattos?


What doesn't kill me.....
I've thought about getting a tatoo, but I'm really not good with pain. If I did, it would be my daughter's name most likely... perhaps spelled the correct way (the Scottish way... which i cannot remember right now)

Other than that.. find myself a real husband! :8855:

I havnt really got anything lined up in the way of treating myself when i have reached goal, i just think that being confident with my body and being able to buy clothes without wondering whether they will show off my lumps and bumps with be more than enough reward for me!!!
Clothes, Clothes, Clothes.

I may pretend that I am doing all this for health reasons and to get into the normal BMI range but that really is nonsense. I am vain and want to look good and that is the only inspiration. Shallow as a puddle, me.


Is feeling the love!
LucyJo, a girl after my owm heart!!!! lol
I have taken to going into shops and trying on clothes just because I can!! lol
As well as my Channel jeans I also want a lovely Ralph Lauren dress I saw in House of Frazer, oh and just about all the Ted Baker section too. And some very slinky and sexy undies. And...some lovely knee high boots from Nine West.
I think I may be getting shallower!! lol
id love to be able to wear sexy underwear without them being eaten by my ass and stockings with suspenders where the tops of the stockings dont cut into my thigh.

I also want to wear a bikini to the beach and not look like a whale


Is feeling the love!
God I would love to own a bikini!!
Even when I was younger and slim I still never had the confidence to wear one. So maybe I will get one too.


What doesn't kill me.....
id love to be able to wear sexy underwear without them being eaten by my ass

:8855: :8855: :8855: OMG!

(My co workers are looking at me like I am daft because I'm laughing so hard!)

I'm getting my nose done in December so I am going out new years eve in THE sexiest dress I can find, cut my hair short and get my lip pierced.
:rotflmao: you go girl!

mine is a bit tamer, i just want to be able to take my kids swimming and not have to cover up with a sarong or towel before i get in :sigh:
Same here... I love swimming, but hardly ever go :( I'm going to treat myself to a tattoo as well,wanted one for years....but i'm a wimp! :eek:... I've already told a friend that when I get to my target i'm gonna get one...so I can't back out!

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