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What would happen if I ate food one day?


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Hi Josh,

Besides making the diet more difficult to do as nicki has said...

If you eat carbs straight after doing TFR without refeeding you will overload your glycogen store and most lightly gain some if not all of the weight you lost the first week as well as unleashing the hunger monster.
hi josh

my mind set is that if i eat 1 single thing then it will ruin the whole diet! ive read that people have had a piece of chocolate hear and a can of diet coke there but the way i look at it once you start with the little things then the big things will follow! defonate downward spiral! That can of diet coke will soon turn into a can of full fat coke!

good luck pal


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Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate it. I guess it's best if I just bare with it a few more weeks, six to be exact if I keep losing at this rate. I think it's really amazing and strong of you to have done this for 5 months Nicki, you've just inspired me to keep at it!

Thanks again everyone!


Otherwise known as Jools
Hi Josh, I know that sometimes on this diet the urge to eat is very strong but you really should resist. Yes as people have there have been times when people have eaten when on this diet - it might have been only a slice of ham or chicken or cheese, which does not knock you out of ketosis and its easy to get back to TFR - to those that have eaten a full blown meal full of carbs etc and found it hard to get back on the diet properly.

Hang in there for only a few more weeks - a relatively short time compared to some that have been on the diet for months and have lost loads of weight. I myself was on LT for 5 months and broke for Christmas last, and have struggled to deal with it since... so from personal experience hang in there until you get to your goal. It is so not worth breaking the diet just for a bite to eat. If you want further inspiration look up Charleysangel - still on the diet and BetsyBotox - now on refeed/maintenance - both ladies who have been absolute stars on this diet and have done brilliantly and I am sure they will not mind me telling you how well they have.

Good luck and stick with it - it is sooooooo worth it.


Just think Josh, all the food will be there when you finish.
Stay strong.you done so well.
As every one says it makes it harder..I did it first time round and it's taken me a year to complete a full week of a re-start and 2 stone heavier.
You might be stronger than me...it so not worth it as you may have guessed by now:)


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This is my second time on LT. This time I have been 100% for almost 9 weeks. Last time I ate in week 3 and stayed on for another 2 or 3 weeks. The thing is once I ate the last time I got caught in a cycle of eating. I'd be ok for a few days then break out again. I couldnt get back on TFR.

It is so not worth it. I know at times the desire to eat can be so strong but resist. Distract yourself with something else. Get yourself on here. Post, read the diarys.... anything but eat. It is so hard to get back on the wagon once you fall off.

Niamh xxx

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