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what would happen


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rainbow brite

I don't see why you'd get ill and you should still lose weight, just not as much. It would depend on several things really, on how much how have to lose in the first place, on what you had to eat, if you cheated on your week of TFR and how much water you had to drink.
i read about someone that done something similar she stuck to tfr then every other week she would have a small roast minus the potatoes and she had good losses, dont see why it would make you ill you just probably wont have as good losses


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thanks guys looks like i will be back on tfr tomorrow

rainbow brite

Good luck with that one then :)


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good luck, try to avoid carbs and stick to smallish portions, when i cheated last i had astonishing tummy pains as i was just not used to food.

take it easy and good luck.

you may want to try maintenaince program, speak to pharm about options.


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You will turn green and start talking jibberish
Don't do it!!!! it will affect your losses LT is a TFR and works best like this xx you can do it...


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I dont think it would harm that much but dont forget you will be getting yourself out of ketosis and i think that is more than enough a reason not to do it. You will just be putting yourself through more hard days. I'd defo say stick to it coz the quicker you loose it the quicker you can come off it an eat properly :)