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What would you do, if you were me?


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Hi all, hope I may ask advice.
As you can see from my ticker - I'm getting there. Here's how -
First I did 5 weeks to get back into size 16 for a holiday, but as soon as I got back, I came back as this is the first diet that has worked for me. So said 'mmmm size 14 would be nice before next hols. (Sat). So at present I have/am moving up the plans. But now I'm a size 14 and have 'hit my goal' I'd like to hit a healthy bmi goal - see ticker.

So my dilema is, I'm getting pressure from friends to loose the rest on a sw or ww diet so I can 'learn to healthy eat and excersise' with them aswell. And this is appealing to me as would like to start jogging again, summers coming with bbq's etc... and I could join in to an extent on those diets.
But on the other hand, I've come so far and am so close, I can see the end with cd and know how well it works for me. I'd have to do week 1 again (not good) but then I can do it.
Some might say, do a higher plan with exercise, but I know what I'm like, I will cheat, I haven't conquered that demon yet.
I kinda want to finish the cd journey properly with all the right steps plans taken for the re-education, but I understand about my family and friends wanting me to be more involved in the summer (live in france and meal times are real family friends times 'everyday' not just weekends) and I do miss jogging???
Sorry long post.....if you were me?
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You just said yourself that 1. you know this diet works for you, and 2. you are worried about having a diet with food in because you haven't yet learnt how to be sensible and stop yourself from cheating.
If I were you.... I would stick to CD, food will always be there once you get to goal. Don't get sucked into social eating. If you were at goal or within say 7lb of it, then maybe... but you need to reintroduce food sensibly from what I have read.
Im in the same dilema as you :( im gonna try lose another 9lbs then im gonna go onto WW but low carb style and train for the Great North Run ... Lose a bit more then do a low carb diet


I would do whatever makes you happier.

SW may teach you to eat healthily and exercise, but so does the maintenance plans on CD.


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I know its sooo tough. I want to eat (healthy) and get back into jogging, but sw and ww has never worked for me before, so why would it now. I'm so excited with cd and it has worked for me, so in that respect I should stick with it, but then I struggle with the jogging on cd ss. So I feel torn between jogging and ss'ing at the mo. What to do, what to do?


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Hi i also plan to go back to ww after my stone and a half loss!
im in the correct frame of mind on health eating now.

Good luck maybe just stick with cd for now??


I would SS for another few weeks until weight comes down
Then move up the plans and introduce the jogging

Basically you have to weigh up which is of greater importance to you at the moment, jogging or SS

If SS stay where you are
Jogging move up to a higher plan

Good luck whichever you decide. :D


WILL be Slim!
personally, i would stick with it! You are so close, and summer isnt quite here yet so that does buy you some time...

If you give it another, say, 6 weeks and then re-evaluate to see what you want to do!

You need to get your mind round the food thing though before you come off SS.....

Your doing super hun and its great that you have choosen small steps for your goal...must keep you really motivated!



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I think you should stick with it to goal especially as you are in the right frame of mind just now. I got complacent last year and didn't finish properly so hence the reason i'm back now.
Good luck whatever you decide.


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Hey Flowey..
I would say stick with it until you get to goal, it really is a personal choice and we are all different, i do know of others that have come off and wanted to finish off on sw or ww and then have come back to cd as it has been very slow for them..
Friends are advising you what they think you should do but really alot of them do as they somehow dont like it when others are starting to look good (not always but alot of the time).. Many people have said to me you dont need to lose anymore do you.. or how much more do you want to lose........... so I just say a little bit more.. as I know what I should be and what a healthy weight and BMI is for myself..

Do what is right for you hon and what you feel comftable with have a chat with your cd and see what she thinks. but if it was me personally I would stick with cd I am there till goal for sure.. x
I think you should go with ss until you get to your goal and then move onto something that suits you. The jogging can wait a few weeks maybe? You are so so close! I am going to do this until I loose around 3 and 1/2 stone and then move on to something else so I can enjoy the summer with lovely bbqs and salads.

Good luck in whatever you decide and we will be here to support you whatever.
I think sassaboo9 just hit the nail on the head......'we will be here to support you whatever'!!! xxx


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Do you know what, your right. I've been faffing with diets, well since about 16yrs old (am now 32). This one has worked for me and I haven't got the food issue sorted yet. It is weeks with this diet so I am going to go for it and be one of those that gets to targets, moves up the plans (re-educates food issues) and maintain! (that was note to self).
Its hard talking to friends family etc... because they don't always understand what its like to be overweight and how much we want to get to goal. Thankyou all for replying, you guys understand this diet and where I'm coming from.
Each time my goals change. 1st time - one dress size, 2nd time another dress size, but thats in 13 weeks. Why not finish the journey, it would be a dream come true to say I'm a healthy/slim weight (and probably make jogging easier at that weight anyway)
Thankyou all for advise - well done to us all.
You can exercise on this diet, you are not meant to start a major new exercise regine but if you want to jog, then start it easy and work up.

I still do all of the exercise I did before the diet (so up to 3 hours of Tae Kwon Do a week, plus gym, plus exercise classes), you just need to make sure you are not dehydrated - I usually keep a shake for after the class as well. I did an exercise class in my first week and felt dizzy during it, I asked my CDC about it and she said it was because I was dehydrated so the week after I had an extra pint of water first, saved a shake for after and I was absolutely fine and have been ever since.

I'm not an expert of course, just someone else following the diet, so someone else may come along and say something different.


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