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What would you do????


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My local SW class is approx 30 mins away & the class time isn't exactly suitable. My dilemma is
1. Follow the plan at home & WI on Tesco/Boots scales once a week? I used to be a Consultant, so know the plan inside out (well enough to know what I am doing...)
2. Go to another local slimming class to have the 'official' wi - but follow SW?
3. Try to make it to class?

How many of you follow SW at home? Are you disiplined enough?


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I do slimming world from home with just the starter pack and this amazing forum to help me. I haven't 'fallen off the wagon' in the months I've been following the plan, although I have had the odd day/days off.
If you know the plan so well do you think you need to go to class? Or do you feel that going to class and having an official weigh in would be better for you?

I WI at my local Boots ;)


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S: 16st7.5lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(7.13%)
I am hoping to be able to do it myself. I think if I have the support of this forum, the starter pack & the SW mags, then I WILL do it at home & succeed... We go to Egypt in 9 weeks, so I have that to motivate me.




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I know I'm not disciplined to do it from home, I'd have a bad week and not bother going to Boots to find out the damage. I go to SW to be weighed but dont stay to class but find all the support and info I need on here.


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I do it from home with just the starter pack and this website :)
I find it suits me more as i feel the class makes me feel under-pressure whereas at home i'm happy to stick to the diet as i'm doing it for me. I've not fallen off the wagon (granted i've had a few days off for holidays etc) and i feel more than capable of doing it by myself.

So if you know the plan (definitely sounds like you do) and feel you can stay on track without a class to reign you in, then go for it :)

It's most certainly do-able (and suits some people) from home, so try it and see if it's for you.

Oh and i have a set of scales at home. I like being able to check (even though yes, i probably shouldn't) more than once a week


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I also follow the plan from home with the starter pack and this website :) I don't usually have problems staying on track, but do have the odd flexi syn day when I fancy a night out. It's totally do-able from home hun, and if you know the plan as well as you must do then it would be even easier.

I weigh in on my own scales at home - god help anybody who moves them from their position on the floor, lol! :D

Sian xxx

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