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What would you do??

Dilemma!! I was planning starting tomorrow but this week is my sons birthday. His nana is having a party for him on Wednesday, I'm having one on thursday and it's my nieces party on Saturday. This equals massive loads of buffet foods on three occasions!!! My boys r also going away with their dad Friday to Monday so I will be home alone aka massive binge session!! Do I start tomorrow and try and resist the party food or potentially cop out and start next Monday???

I'm no stranger to LT, have started a handful of times over the past few months and not gone past lunch time!! 2 years ago I lost 9 stone, started at 17 st 3 lbs and got down to 8 st 10 lbs! I felt great!! Hubby left and since then I have binged and vomited every day! I feel disgusting about what I have done, I have no money due to the amount of money I waste on food and feel I have terribly let my children down.

I really want to change my habits as the bigger I get the worse I feel. I won't go out as I am so embarrassed about the way I look and feel so lonely, since the weight is back no man will look twice at me!! They were falling at my feet when I was thin but I was too distraught over my hubby leaving to be interested. I have only recently told my dr about what I do, the first person I have ever told and I am on the waiting list- the very long one for cbt! I think I'm touching 16 st now and can't face getting any bigger!! It's my sisters wedding in march and the thought about going looking this terrifies me.

Any advice about when to start greatly appreciated. Sorry about the long rambling story


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If i was you hun.... i'd start next Monday!!!

The first week is hard enough without parties and buffets!!! Never mind the weekend!!! Lol... Give yourself the fighting chance....

If i was you i'd spend this week..... Writing a list of the reasons you want to lose the weight to read over when your struggling!!! And write a long list of distractions that you can turn to when your craving!!!

Also get involved on here!!! Theres always people on to help!!! Fully prepare yourself for next Monday and enjoy this week!!!

Just what i would do if i was in your position!!!

: ) xxx
Thank you honey, and for taking the time to read and reply!

Did prepare myself for today but your right, I would be wasting my money come Wednesday! I'm going to enjoy my little mans birthday and get things in place for next week xx

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Give yourself the best possible start hun!!! The diet and support on here will still be here on Monday!!! : ) x


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Deffo start on Monday hun. This diet is hard enough without being surrounded by temptation!
Best of luck to you xx


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Would definitely Start on Monday...why tempt yourself then possibly beat yourself up if you give into the party food ;)

Starting on Monday gives you a fighting chance for the first week to be sucessful :)

My story is pretty much like yours honey...I lost 3st first time round and now I'm back on it again and in a much better place ;) and this time round I've gotten so much support from this site its fantastic :D x x x


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I sent you an email Liz.... hope it helps xx