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what would you have done?

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Good evening!!!

well i wet to my drs on friday to get the cd form signed and the dr was soooo helpful and told me that he thought i would be an ideal candidate for a gastric band... as appealing as it was i said i wanted to give this weight loss a go without surgery and he seemed very pleased that i said that.

i also asked about excess skin etc and asked about tummy tuck etc and he said about having to maintain etc and gave me the info, and then he said if i do this and get to where i wanna be and maintain then he will put me forward for a tummy tuck and he will support me in making sure i get it!! As i have had possibly the worst year of my life and been through things i wudnt wish oon my worst enemy he said after all that i deserve it!!!
I was like WOW i dnt have much to say about my drs its nt bad but nt great either but this has jus ovrwhelmed me!!!

Anyway bk to my question..would any of you of said yes to a gastric band or continue on ti start cd, just curious!

Thanks x x x
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I think you are taking the right approach. Gastric bands are not an easy option. Many people I know who have them have problems with nausea etc and it really gets them down even though the weight does come off. Also the banding is for life so you always have to stick to the micro amounts of food .. where as with CD hopefully we will gradually be able to go back to mainstream food but with a healthier attitude.

It's great that he's being so supportive though :) Sounds like he's a keeper :)
Hi , wow to your Dr .. its great to have a supportive Dr and yours sounds great :)
I think you have dont the right thing . I certainly would give this diet a go before considering it . I have a friend who has a gastric band at the same time as \I started TFR diet , she went private and paid about £8000 .. and I have lost about double what she has lost in the same time , and she is now actually gaining weight and still about 7 stone from her target , so it is certainly not the easy option !!!
Well done on giving CD a go , it is an amaziing diet and changes lives :)


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i honestly couldnt imagin at my worst weight (which wasnt far off yours) going for a gastic band. i honestly think you have made a very wise choice. you will appreciate it more when you achieve your goal, than going for a major surgery..
well done you!


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I also personally know of people with these bands with not only band problems ( re fixing , vomiting , slipping) but also not that great weight loss. The band teaches you nothing about food, at all

good luck x


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I agree with the others, I think you took the right decision :) Surgery is always risky, and having a gastric band fitted involves major surgery, even more so when the patient is heavy. I think in my area gastric bands are only for people with high BMI and/or medical problems, and I think this is a very good thing.

I think it is great that your GP is so supportive too, and if you have the possibility to get a tummy tuck after maintenance, what a great incentive! :D


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Your dr sounds lovely
But Cambridge all the way!!
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I don't think I'd ever go in for a gastric band. Everybody's different, but...not for me. Good luck on CD

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