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What wud u advise for hols?


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Hey guys how u all doing this fine morn? I have a family holiday to Menorca coming up in 7 weeks and I'd like to have 1 stone off (and work on the other stone once I'm back) not asking too much I don't think ;) I really wud like to make good choices whilst on holiday so as not to undo all my good work but I wud like to include a few drinks and maybe some fruit and dif sauces with dinner etc. It's half board so i know there will be plenty of meat, fish, cheeses etc on offer everyday but I'm wondering should I go into OWL beforehand? I was planning on staying on Induction for as long as it takes but this maybe isn't practical on hols! I always totally over indulge on hols but this time I'd really rather not...but still be able to relax a bit :-/ xx
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hello :) well tbh if i was going on holiday id eat what i wanted but if you are going to be good then i would go onto owl beforehand so your body gets used to more carbs, otherwise you have the possibility to go off the rails! you should start on owl asap (in fact i lose better the more carbs i have)


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I'll be going to see my Mum for 2 weeks at the end of July and I will be eating what I want, but without eating too much of it


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I managed to stay relaxed and legal on hols over easter - it's all about choices. I always chose the legal meal ie meat, fish, salad etc. If it came with bun and chips then i didn't eat it. But if came with a slightly sweet sauce or not entirely sure what was in it - no stress just enjoy. I drank a ton - vodka and diet mixers, rum and soda, wine. Came back after 2 weeks with sts having stuffed my face and plenty of partying. How cools is that:D
Oooh this is what i was stressing about too! I have a crazy girlie clubbin holiday in just over 3 weeks. Im lookin forward to my guilt free fry ups every day ;) its the post drinking fast food im worried about but guess il have to have some will power! I think the only other thing il want to treat myself too (other than alcohol but im only a vodka and diet mixer kinda girl anyways) is ice cream and ice lollies!


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i am off to denmark in two weeks and i'm stressed about coming off plan but i know i need to. if i go there with delusions of staying on track i'll just feel worse about myself when i inevitable don't. i've decided that i'm going to eat what i want, make sensible choices when i can, enjoy the several parties and my wedding anniversary while i'm over there and kick back into high gear when i get back. if it went on in two weeks then hopefully on induction it should come off in two weeks.

abz xx


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great advice Abs, I know for a fact i thnk oh ill be good and then go off the rails. Its a holiday for goodness sake. as long as we get back on track when we get back home to reality then we surely have to live a little xxxx


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Yeah V do agree me off on the 14th so looking forward to time away


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where you going ste?


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nice. lucky you :D
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You only have a holiday every once in a while enjoy it!! When you get back home get back on track - dont be miserable having spent all that money!!


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We are off to Turkey on Monday
( Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
and from the safety off my living room I think I am going to enjoy myself and stay with the programme : )
Since I started this programme the thing that tickles me is that I don't miss or crave anything. I am full and satisfied and the odd Atkins bar ensures that I don't feel deprived.


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Its easier said than done to say eat what you want then get back on track when you get home. 2 yrs ago I'd lost 16lb on atkins before my holiday to ayia napa, was really good for first 2 days then went totally mad and had maccys, bk, you name it I ate it (and drank it lol). Had every intention of getting back into induction when I got back but just couldn't do it. Its taken me about 2 years to get back in the right mind set, its a very slippery slope.

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