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What you are supposed to eat on the Fat Attack fortnight

You get a wee booklet with 14 days of menus, you don't have to follow them rigidly though. I found it really good because I'd fallen into a pattern of eating very similar breakfasts, lunches and dinner. So it was good for me to be made to think about what I was going to have for each meal.
I would imagine you could make up your own meals, as long as you kept that to the same amount of calories that RC are saying for each meal.
I started off following the some of the meals but sometimes I'd alter them slightly to suit my own tastes. The options given will give you a good idea of what you can have and it's easy to alter them to suit your own tastes. At the end of the day, stick to low fat (under 5%) foods and within your calorie limit, eat as much fresh veg and salad as possible and you should be fine :)
Hi, I'm on my second week of FAF! really enjoyed the first week didn't feel hungry at all. i followed some of the menus in the pink book (Pork and pineapple kebabs were really nice) and then other time when i fancied something different i stuck with the 5% fat rule .

lost 5lb in first week
Goal this week 2lbs


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Thanks ladies. Not sure that it would be for me though as I hate having to count calories. Just wondered, as have never tried RC.
Well if you follow the menus then you don't need to count calories, and to be honest, unless you're going to go way off them then you should be fine as it's just common sense with what you can swap for what.

To be honest, when I first weighed out 115g of chicken for my first roast dinner on the FAF I was surprised how much was there! I didn't actually eat all 115g, as it was too much!

Plus, if you join RC either by getting the at home pack or going to a class, you'll get the portion pots which already have the calories calculated eg. the yellow portion pot full of dried pasta is X calories.

I check on calories in food when I go shopping, mainly on the treats, but other than that I don't really count them.

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