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What You See In The Mirror.............

Funny post from me tonight, I have been thinking about this a lot recently.

I have lost 44lbs so far, yet I await seeing a girl in the mirror, or indeed in a photograph that looks like a 'thin' person.

I wonder if a BMI of 25 isn't enough, if I should have a BMI of 23 and a size 10 figure.

Just wondering how others feel about themselves ? I have just spent an hour reading my diary from Day 1 to 76 and trying to see how I have changed. I look at photographs and there is no doubt I am much slimmer than before, but with 9lbs to goal (BMI 25) the girl looking back at me still looks overweight, with love handles, with a slight double chin.....

I wonder if being a size 10 would make me happier, or would I then find other imperfections ?

Just interested to know how others feel as they lose weight, or have lost their weight ?
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My friend lost about 7 stone on Cambridge a few years ago, is a size 10 and 5'7 and stunning figure...she STILL thinks she is fat and would LOVE to go on cambridge, but wont be allowed for obvious reasons!

I dont think 'some' people are ever happy :(

I have/had the opposite problem...i love what i see in the mirror even though its an overweight image lolol always have :D
I have hated what I see in the mirror for as long as I can remember. I have always been fat, so I look in the mirror and I know im smaller but I think im still fat x x
Charley, I'm sure you've heard "thin" girls complain about how they look and you thinking "god, I'd kill to look like her" - well that's what's going on with you. Your brain isn't registering fully the mirror, plus no one is perfect, and I'm sure with exercise, you can achieve the "finishing touches" on the new "you"! 9lbs to goal, but then you'll probably decide a BMI of 25 is to high for you and want to go lower and that's great too. I just think all us overweight people tend to fix 25 on BMI as our goal as it means we enter "normal weight", but it is borderline... anyway, my input there! :)

BTW, for the longest I just thought I looked fine in the mirror (whenever one caught my appearance - coz I wasn't exactly running to one), but then I look at pics and I'm like "Jeez, this pic makes me look so fat!!" So I was just minimizing my weight problem and the lovehandles!
Hi Enlighten me, I think you have hit the nail on the head, 25 is borderline, perhaps thats why it won't seem enough ?

My best mate is a size 10 but always complains about her weight (more than I do)......if only CD could also change our minds as well as our bodies !
Mrs Essex, send over some of your confidence this way please !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving your attitude !!!!!!!!!
You gotta keep upbeat girl! I have to keep upbeat and positive for my day job and it spills over into my personal life :D

Seriously though... It DOES take the brain an awful long time to catch up... in my mates instance....never :( shes just had her boobs 'done' and still doesnt like what she sees... next wants her thighs.. when will it stop!!!!

Perfection doesnt exsist and the sooner people realise this and stay content with what they already have 'health & happeiness' the better we will all be

*group hug* looool
Hopefully one day our brains will just click, and our attitude towards ourselves will change! You look amazing Charley! x x
Strangely, I've been contemplating this a lot over the last few days too. And today I'm definately having 'a fat day' - even though I've lost over 60lbs in total and am several dress sizes smaller and have obviously lost weight!!! Bonkers.

But generally my brain isn't believing I am 'slim' yet - it thinks I am, but that's very different to believing. I even started web searching for dysmorphia and related perceptions in a moment of dark panic at the weekend. Because there are times (like the last few days) when I don't register what I see in the mirror and brain overrides (probably through habit) and says 'FAT'.

I decided recently to go lower than BMI 25 simply so I am not borderline, and am comfortably in 'normal weight'. I'm closer to BMI 24 now, so rational brain knows I am 'normal' yet the brain bit that's connected to my eyes is still kicking in and shouting 'FAT!' periodically. No doubt in a few days I'll be glowing again and not thinking 'FAT!'! :)

It's weird. I think it's part of the process and a stage on the learning curve.
That pesky mirror! I think so much of this is in the mind. I have days when I look in the mirror, love what I see and feel unstoppable, the very next morning I can look in the same mirror at the same person and feel fat and frumpy... the only thing that has changed in that 24hrs is my head.

Generally I find that I am very happy with what I see but I can also see the faults, places where I could lose a bit more, have a flatter tummy etc, the trick for me was accepting that and being happy regardless.

I havent thought about it actually but i hope i feel good about myself!
But i think people will always have hang ups about their body!
Im hoping that if i feel like that i will think about all the weight ive lost and hopefully feel better x

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