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Whats after induction?

Am I right in thinking that induction is 2 weeks of following the food list in the book and not going over the 20g of carbs a day?
then how many carb g's are you meant to have a day after the induction phase?
you can stay on induction for as long as you like. the more weight u have to lose the longer you should stay on the 1st stage for.
sorry cant help you on that one as i am still doing the first stage. but i am sure some one will be along and give u an answer soon


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i skipped the next stage i.e OWL straight onto Pre-Maint, but only move on when your at 10lbs of your goal weight


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What I plan on doing is staying on induction for another 8 weeks and depending on how much weight I have lost going up to the next stage. I am on week 3 now and have lost 10lb in just over 2 weeks so if I go on like this then I won't be far off my goal when I go onto the next stage...that is the theory anyway!!:rolleyes: I have 2 stone 8lb left to lose!
I don't know if what I am doing is correct but this is just my plans:)


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right okay thanks guys, i was under the impression you moved onto another stage after 2 weeks, doh! I'll just stick with the induction and will try and read more in the book. thanks x
The book does say do a minimum of 2 weeks on Induction, But, if you have a lot to lose you can stay on induction for up to 6 months. I did that. The book then says when you move into OWL you add 5 Gm of carbs per week, i.e. 1st week in OWL = 25 Gm carbs per day, 2nd week in OWL 30 Gm carbs per day until you stop losing. At that point you reduce by 5 Gm of carbs and providing you are still losing (albeit slowly) stay with that until you are ready to go into pre maint.

I actually upped my carbs by months not weeks as I was scared to come out of induction and I skipped pre maint entirely.

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