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what's everyone doing for halloween?

i dont see halloween as evil, it may be a pagan festival but its all about energy and feeling closer to ppl that have left us. nothing to do with evil as far as i know, just love the horror film that tv plays so much im glad to be off at night :D
working im manager in a night club so ill be putting up with all the drunken gools and witches on friday just a typical night i suppose!
Usually I stay in to do the 'fiddlers elbow' jig e.g. up and down answering the door to little monsters lol, but this year we're going to see a movie - not sure which one yet, but it'll be an early one to miss the mayhem! (bah humbug) - oops, sorry that's Christmas isn't it......anyway, y'know what I mean :)
I'm going to a pub! I dont drink lol and hardly ever go out socialising, its not my kind of thing. But some of my friends from a local forum are all getting dressed up and going to the 'local' and I said I would join them. Thing is, I am 3 stone lighter than I was when I last saw some of them and I'm wondering if they will comment! I look very different. Even though I am still very overweight I dont look like the frump I did before.
Lynne x


Gone fishing
I've just turned my son into a zombie ready for his stint at work.

Obvious choice of outfit. Not much extra to do :D

Tomorrow night I lock my doors, ignore the doorbell and work in the dark:cool:
ha! that's also why me and hubby are going somewhere else. Our road is fine but we live right next door to an estate and they go around as a crowd of mini thugs...also the door going all the time freaks our dog out. So will be having a nice pagan time at in-laws to be.


Doing Slimming World
Well I did the bags of sweets ready for the trick or treaters tomorrow & will sit in the lounge with my Mum, Dads out for the evening and we're gonna watch Most Haunted Live - been watching it every night this week too (yes I need a life!) hehe.

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