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what's everyone's favourites and most hated flavours?

Hi, just want a wee thread going getting everyone's opinions on flavours.
I love porridge original (cos i'm Scottish!)
I really like chicken and mushroom soup
I really like mushroom soup
I really like toffee and walnut
i really like strawberry
The rest I like BUT
i hate brocoli and cheese soup

I've not tasted all flavours right enogh.
What do the rest of you think?:sign0163:
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I love all the shakes except butterscotch and cappichino. Han't had any soups this time round as not filling enogh but did like the oriental one as reminded me of a chicken korma. I like both porridges but much prefer the original so will get that from now on.


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I couldn't get on with the porridge, flavoured or plain. I tried a few soups - Oriental Chilli and Tomato - but now just stick with chicken and mushroom. I also tried a few of the shake flavours -vanilla, strawberry & banana - but now just stick with chocolate.

I have found myself to be a very pain Jane on this diet - choc shake, choc tetra and chick & mush soup, occasionally a choc or cranberry bar for a change.

In real life I love different tastes and flavours and always vary what I eat - but that's probably what got me in this mess!
loving food has got us all in this mess. Trust me tho, to start getting right into taking about the tastes of cd! Anything to think about eating!


needs a real kick in the
i havnt tried any porridge yet,
shakes i like ; choc mint
vanilla, cappachino if i add coffee
forrest fruits,
not sure about choc orange havnt tried toffee and walnut yet
soups; i Hate leek and potato
like chicken and mushroom
love oriental chilli and spicy tomato, got to try the others, like all bars although trying to stay off them as long as possible. like all tatras.
think my fav has to be vanilla with some cinnamon.
all the ones i really like are things i hated in real food lol
In my opinion the porridge is by far the best; even better than bars. The original tastes like Ready Brek. I really do love it but i dont wnat to eat it all the time in case I get sick of it so I'm trying to limit myself to 1 a day.


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I have one porridge a day, for my breakie. It's lush and nice and filling (for about 1 hr lol)


needs a real kick in the
gonna get some tomorrow x
I have now tried everything and my opinions are:-
Vegetable soup
toffee bar
chocolate bar
orange bar (jaffa cake taste)
Porridge (original)
Chocolate shakes & tetras

All other soups except veg
Strawberry tetra (chemical taste)
Choc mint & choc orange shakes
Cranberry & peanut bars

Everything else not mentioned is OK.

Week 5 and im not bored of them yet!
I like the porridges and the shakes but none of the soups, still to have the bars next week. looking forwards to chewing something. :p


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I am a plain Jane too - I only ever have choc mint, banana & toffee & Walnut. I make them in a blender with loads of ice so they fill a pint glass and they are delicious! I also love (too much) the peanut bar and every now and then the toffee bar. I hate all the soups - the devils work in my opinion ha ha!


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I have tried most sachets in my numerous restarts.. but I still cannot hit it off with the porridge - either flavour..

Love the cappo shakes and also the veggie soup - all the bars are scrummy..


please try again
i love the choc mint shakes, thats what i live on
i hate hate hate the apple and cinnamon porridge and the now gone cheese and broccoli soup
A&C Porridge .. sooo sweet and filling and chewy :)
Banana, strawberry, choc mint , chocolate , vanilla shakes blitzed with loads of ice ( just like McD's :)
Chocolate , toffee and orange bars

I LIKE everything else

but HATE the choc orange shake :jelous:

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