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  1. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    I thought it would be helpful if we could review the different flavours that shake the weight offer. I know that we all have different taste but I thought it would be interesting to see what are the favourites and which are best avoided.

    To kick off I can review my lunch which was a cafe latte shake. I made it with lots of ice to get the iced coffee flavour. The very first sip for a nanosecond had what I thought was a slight celery flavour to it. I had another taste and decided that I was being too picky and looking for fault and it was really tasty. If you're a coffee connoisseur then you'll probably hate it but it was creamy enough to be filling with enough coffee flavour to be worthy of being called cafe latte. I think this could also be drunk hot.

    The texture was smooth but I use a blender until the colour of the shake is paler. It was also thick enough to merit the name shake. It smells like a regular cup of coffee and has no chemical taste to it at all.

    I mentioned that that it was filling didn't I. It was very filling and I wouldn't be able to manage another 'bite' for a while! x
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  3. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    My first shake was banana. Smells and tastes like foam bananas. I was amazed at how thick it was and how creamy it tasted.

    First couple of sips I thought it had quite a powdery taste, but think this is probably due to not having had them before.

    Second shake was a chocolate one.........well.........words cannot expresses the joy of a choccie shake :drool: Scrummy
  4. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    I have yet to have a chocolate shake, but if it's anything like the dark chocolate bar it'll be gorgeous! x I really recommend the dark chocolate bar, it's so filling too which is what it's all about at the end of the day. Plus they're less calories than a shake! x
  5. nixb24

    nixb24 Full Member

    Wow I'm going to try the choccy bar then! I don't like the hazelnut shake nor am I a huge fan of the vanilla. Banana is very sweet for me this week, but still yum. Latte is great coz I add a few more granules of my fav coffee to boost the flavour and it's lovely. Chocolate and caramel are my favs though and strawberry also very nice. :)
  6. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    Speaking of caramel shake, what can I say! Toffee, butterscotch, clotted cream fudge it's all in there! The usual thick and creamy texture and as ever really filling. STW I'm impressed and believe me it takes a lot!
  7. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    What is it about the hazelnut that you don't like Nix? I was going to try that next time I order but if it's rubbish I won't bother. x
  8. nixb24

    nixb24 Full Member

    Not sure, tastes a bit fake and powdery to me, but my husband likes it so maybe try it?!
  9. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    I thought it might be a bit bitter. I have read that it's rubbish from a few people. x
  10. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    I didn't order hazelnut as I read several people say its not nice.

    Tried vanilla shake this morning. Was quite sweet, but very tasty.

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  11. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    If I had one complaint about STW porridge and shakes it would be that they are a bit too sweet. You can add sweetness but you can't take it away. x
  12. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    I had a milk chocolate bar yesterday and it was very nice. Creamy and chocolatey but not as good as the dark chocolate in my opinion. The dark chocolate bar gives you a kick of rich dark chocolate flavours x
  13. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    Just had honey nougat bar for lunch. It's not chewy like nougat, more of a truffley texture. It's milk chocolate covered but it has a strong honey flavour which if you don't like honey you want to steer clear of. I enjoyed it. x
  14. It's my first order so I decided to go for a mix of all the flavors..

    Today I tried: Hazelnut - Which I really really liked.. It tastes like real hazelnuts
    Banana - First of all I will admit I hate banana milkshake so I was expecting to feel negative about it.. I was surprised I quite enjoyed it.

    I add ice to mine and stick it in my smoothie maker until it's completely smooth and so far haven't had any issues what so ever. Yummm
  15. beth26

    beth26 Full Member

    i love your name DodgingDoughnuts! made me chuckle :)
  16. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    I had a muesli bar today. Now I am not a great fan of white chocolate, but it was quite nice.

    If I hadnt read the packaging I would never have guessed that it was a muesli bar, but it was tasty whatever it was supposed to be :)
  17. Thank you.. lol! It came up during a conversation with my sister about dieting.. we were trying to find something to laugh about !
  18. Rachella

    Rachella Silver Member

    I've got quite a few Hazelnut left that I wont be using because I'm not keen on the taste. If anyone wants them let me know x
  19. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    I don't like white chocolate either. I didn't get any of them for that reason. What did it taste like or remind you of?
  20. How much were you hoping to get for them?
  21. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Erm.......they tasted quite a bit of white chocolate, but at the moment any chocolate is good. The inside I cant really explain the taste. Was ok though. Will order them again

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