Whats Everyones Goals?


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Personally I think goals are needed in order to achieve anything in life, as without goals we don't really have anywhere to head towards..so my five goals for 2009...

  1. Lose 7stone for 2010 :eek:
  2. Get into those size 12 Jeans :p
  3. Get healthy and fit mentally as well as physically :)
  4. Learn to love myself again
  5. Become more organised with my life and money!!:rolleyes:
Lets here all of your goals so we can have a motivational day and year!

Rachiie -ox-
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Hey Rachie
These are mine :)
1) To stick to the programme
2) To get into the size 18 skirt on by the end of the month
3) To attend functions such as birthdays and weddings but without anything passing my lips.
4) To celebrate my 32nd birthday at the same weight as I was 14 years ago (14st 7lbs) that will be an absolutely brilliant achievement!
5) To travel to India but not pig out
6) To come back and rejoin the programme and reach my target weight of 10st!


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There really good goals preeti77!! Keep up the amazing work and you will become the amazingly beautiful person you are on the outside and within :)
Rachiie -ox-


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I just want to have a flat tummy for the first time ever, then go gym and tone the muscles up and possibly add some.

Most importantly though is be healthy and never go back to old ways


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I agree goals are needed to keep focused
I also think rewards are very motivational

After smoking for nearly 20 years l stopped at New Year 2000 however decided it would save me £5 per day which is £150 per month so I bought myself another car in addition to day car

the week after I stopped I got a bank loan for £8000 at £150 per month and I bought an AC Cobra kit car and told myself that if I started smoking again I would sell it

Well its now paid for and never smoked since

I wish losing weight was as easy as stopping smoking but we still need to eat. Probably why VLCD hopefully will suit me because its a bit like smoking you either do it or you dont wheras calorie counting and normal wight management is extremely difficult

I find myself by samller bitesize goals that are acheivable for example

1. To start LL
2. To complete 1st week 100%
3. To keep a daily journal detaiing- packs , drink , exercise etc
4. To lose 1 stone in 2 weeks
5. To fit into my jeans by end of Jan
6. To keep to LL 100% till end of Feb - No booze
7. To cycle 200 miles in feb
8. To lose 2.5 stone by end of Feb
9. To spend £100 on new clothes at end of Feb once Ive acheived 100%
10. To lose 3 stone by end of March
11. To cycle 300 miles in March
12. To spend £200 on me at end of March




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Awww thanks Rachiie :D
I am sure you will reach your goals too :)


My goals are in my sig :D

But in contrary to what you said in your first post, I actually don't have a goal weight yet - but I will know when I reach where I want to be, as I will be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. :)

My main other goal for this year isn't weight-related! (To get on the property ladder, buying my first house or flat within the next few months hopefully, but thinking about and looking at getting a mortgage - ARGHHHHHHHHHH :eek::eek:!)

Who knows, maybe the stress of it all will help me shift a few pounds a bit faster! :8855::8855::8855:


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My goals;

1. To stick with the programme completely, so I can completely Wow my sweetheart when I go to see him in June (He's in NZ, long story).
2. Ditto my parents, but at easter time.
3. Be a size 12 (never been that slim in my life before)
4. Achieve a normal BMI/lose 60lb
5. Stay motivated, focussed and strong within the prog.
6. Fit into a stunning size 10 dress (in the process of buying one at the mo).

I'm sure that by supporting each other through this programme, we can ALL achieve our goals!