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What's fit for BBQ?

I'm with Laura here, I haven't found a single BBQ product that is legal.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Oh, and I noticed in Tescos barbecue meats section, they do pork & red/green pepper skewers which are not marinaded in anything, so they're fine for induction. I had them grilled the other week and they were scrummy. Would probably be quite easy to make your own, but they were very convenient.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Thanks for the recipe Laura - I am looking for a sauce that I can baste generously onto chicken, burgers or sausages before barbecuing for that authentic barbecue taste. Will give this a whirl next time. Would whizzing it through the blender maybe smooth it out a bit?

I'm a bit scared to even go & look at the Low Carb Megastore! I'm skint enough as it is... :)
I use plain meat such as steak or chops, and put a handful of smoked wood to add more bbq flavour. Nice to be able to discuss bbqs :)
A gas Barbie!!! Heretic!!
I am a gas convert too! Even do bacon sarnies on it for breakfast at weekends - [the bread bit for hubby and kiddlywinks only]!!

For a cheap marinade - I buy ready mised dry spices they are carb free and cheap as they go along way. Just put your meat and a good few spoonfuls of spice in a plastic bag with plenty of oliveoil, tie in a knot squidge around a bit, leave to marinade and then throw on the grill. I've tried Swhartz, Fajita, Piri-Piri, BBQ really yummy and they do a PilauRice spice that you should use with Rice but as I'm not cooking very much rice used it on chicken the other week and chargrilled and it was delicious. The marinading with lashings of oliveoil keeps the meat really moist too.

Loving the sunshine!!
LOL, I'd probably like a Gas one too, but I enjoy all the palaver that goes with setting up the chrcoal ones. :D
I might invest in a small one for us two then. :)
When you've got a load of people round there is that 'lets-get-the-BBQ-started-all-the-men-trying-to-get-the-coals-lit' aspect that's missing but for just the two of us it's a godsend.
LOL! So reminds me of my dad.. when he was in the fire brigade we used to have huge bbq's with all the brigade and their families round my parents house. The firemen in all their bravado put so much accelerant onto the sodding bbq it set fire to the fence and we had to call the fire brigade out! Was so funny, they all had to leg it up the road, (they only live 30secs from the station), jump on the fire engine and come put it out! Was such a memorable time and your quote brought back the memories! haha.. x
LOL, PMSL Claire. I can just picture it now love.


Alway see the love x
I love my BBQ, even brought it a little cover to keep it snug and clean. Its much safer and quicker when you have little 1`s running about. Turn on, cook, turn off. Simples! lol

Woofy X
hmmm, yes but what about the flavour woofs, how is it different than a normal grill?


Alway see the love x
It smells lovely while cooking as the fat from the meat drips down and sizzles. The taste is better. I find it a cleaner way of cooking. Less smoke. Less mess. Instant. You have more control so no more burnt to death food, plus you outside with the family/friends and not stuck in the kitchen.... MMMmmm

Woofy X
I'll probably buy a small one then love. I'll give it a try.
Lava rock, thanks for that Laura, Tesco here I come :)

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