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Whats for dinner?

I always have great plans to be adventurous but end up sticking to the same variations upon a theme although once a month I do experiment on my sis and her family for sunday dinner.

Usually i have something like:
- steamed salmon fillet, steamed veg and baby potatoes, pesto sauce mixed with fat free nat yoghurt as dressing.
- lean beef stirfried, add beef stock and bring to boil, add frozen veg (carrots, peas, etc) and bring to boil again - add redcurrant jelly to taste and then simmer for time needed to cook veg (about 5-7 minutes).Thicken gravy if you want with arrowroot/cornflour. Serve with baby potatoes. Veg absorbs the flavour of the beef/red currant jelly stock :).
- stirfry chicken/turkey breast, onions, mushrooms and peppers in basil/ italian herbs (the tube variety taste better i think). Add pesto and lowfat natural yoghurt to make a creamy sauce - serve with pasta
- other sauces that are nice is thai herbs (tesco's herb tubes) mixed with natural yoghurt or creme fraiche with stirfry and rice. or Mango chutney with salmon is yummy


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I always find myself sticking to the same as i love it.

Baked sweet potatoe is my fave with baked chicken/cod/salmon and cooked veg (have the veg a little crunchy :drool:)

Or something similar like stir fried chicken/turkey/pork with veg & rice.

Always try to have some form of carb with your meal, it really will fill you up longer. And defo give the sweet pots a try ;)

I dont see why you wouldnt be able to have a desert aslong as yer not over the 600cals? and ofcourse, dont choose something so ridicioulsy high in fat either :) x
I keep having ready meals... not the healthiest thing!!
Or tuna pasta, or anything boring and easy!
Not v. adventurous!


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Today i had stir fried chicken breast, thinly sliced carrot & red onion with bisto curry sauce added in right at the end, with some brown rice. Yummy and takes 20mins to make :)
my mum made a curry - defo over my allowance!!
I like having roasted veg or a jacket potato.

I'm usually really busy during the week, so I buy a bunch of vegetables and chop them up on sunday, then it's only a matter of weighing them out and popping them in the oven when I get home. I try to get a variety of vegetables so I can change the amounts every night, so it doesn't seem like I'm eating the exact same thing 5 days a week. The cals come in low enough that I even put a bit of cheese on top sometimes.
Good idea!

I used to do that with fruit and so I could have fruit salad with 0%Greek Yoghurt and honey for brekkie in summer but never thought of doing it with veg :) Mind you have bags and bags of the Green Isle Frozen Carrot, Peas and Sweetcor mix.

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