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What's for lunch?

I know it's past lunch time but thought it would be nice to post what we are having/had sometimes so we can inspire each other! I know i eat a lot of the same things for lunch.

Today i had a reduced fat egg mayo sandwich on wholemeal bread with salad, then a Galaxy Ripple and a yoghurt. Comes to about 550 cals which is a lot for lunch for me but tea isn't costing me much calorie wise!
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Jacket and a small can of tuna with a side salad :) an a brew lol fills me up till teatime!!

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Chopped cucumber, radish, pepper & beetroot
50g hummus
80g tesco mediterranean cous cous

I love this lunch normally and I have just counted the calories and it works out to only 328 calories .....result!!!


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I had a cooked breakfast for my lunch! 3 quorn sausages, 3 turkey rashers, one egg and a tomato (all one in 1cal spray) for a grand total of less than 400 calories!


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Gonna have some soup and toast I think. Read on here that soup keeps you full for long, so trying that :)
I'm such a rubbish dieter!! I don't really like soup. I hate yoghurt. Cottage cheese an Philly both make me heave....... And I'd rather have my eyes poked with a stick than eat beetroot!!!! Oh an I only like green leafy veg when I can hide them in gravy :)

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Ham salad box!

Ham,Lettuce, cucumber, half boiled egg, beetroot, sweetcorn, carrot, dash of pineapple, tomato slices + a tbspn of coleslaw. Not the lowest in cals (maybe 600?) but I really like a good lunch. Kind of look forward to it at work.


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Actually, sorry to hijack, but which salad dressings are typically low in cal? And available in all good supermarkets? Salad without Mayo needs a bit of a pickmeup!


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Tesco do a honey and mustard dressing in their light choices range. 10 cals for a tablespoon
Asda do a Good For You Lemon and Black Pepper dressing that I like which is 7 cals for a tablespoon if I remember right.
Nice one, cheers! Think I'll have to go for the H+M dressing from Tesco, the nearest Asda to me is miles away! Tho lemon and black pepper sounds really nice - fresh.

If only M&S did one too - that's right near where I work!
I imagine they do! Everywhere does now. Tesco liw cal thousand island is good too!! Mmmm prawn salad!!!

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I had a cooked breakfast for my lunch! 3 quorn sausages, 3 turkey rashers, one egg and a tomato (all one in 1cal spray) for a grand total of less than 400 calories!
Mmm that is definately on the meal plan for next week! Think i will have beans with it and wholemeal toast for tea one day.


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I normally have beans instead of tomato but was all out!! Same with a warburton thin too!
Cheeeeers! I like thousand island sauce! Tho have to admit that, to this day, I'm still not really sure what's in it!

That fry up sounds awesome too, kinda makes me long for my the old low carb days.
i had a big lunch, chicken wrap with lettuce and tomatoes which came to 376, was huge lol it was so fat it was more of a chicken salad sandwich, the wrap wouldnt wrap pmsl!
Today i had a tomato Mugshot, a yoghurt and a mint Aero, total calories 597. Not a very healthy lunch but i enjoyed it all the same. Had a lot of fruit for breakfast so made up for no salad or fruit with lunch.

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