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Whats going on????

Hi there, hoping someone can give me some advice! I was in TFR for about 3 1/2 weeks and lost 18lbs which I was thrilled with. Went on refeed/ maintenance, pharmacy told me to eat 2 maintenance foods and one meal as per refeed chart which is what I've done to the letter. Just plain steamed chicken or fish with salad or green veg, introduced small baked potato last night. 2 litres of water or more. Walking every day. But on my scales I've put on 4lbs????? Taking senocot every night but nothing much working in that dept, not even running to the loo much. It's like my body is hanging on to everything I'm putting into it, but it's only about 800 calories a day! What am I doing wrong??? Any advice would be appreciated...:)
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Dance the positive spin..
S: 12st7.5lb C: 11st9.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 0st12lb(6.84%)
Hi there!
I'm a wee tad confused! Do you mean ur sticking to Day 1 of refeed for a while (with 2 maint, 1 meal) or have u already done refeed proper!
If your pharmacist has advised you do Day 1 for a bit, then u shouldn't have carbs yet! The point is to introduce protein and natural carbs (veg/salad) gradually and methodically! And the refeed routine/order is important - especially for first few days! Ie. One meal (small natural carbs, small protein) then Day 2 basically double the amount over 2 meals before u add a wee bit potato carb in one meal on Day 3. If u fill the stores too quick, u risk rebound weight gain which I fear may be what has happened!

However don't panic, I may be wrong cos I'm not sure exactly what you've been doing or for how long! Let us know how long and exactly what you've been eating so we can help more! It cud also be any number of other reasons, TOTM, sluggish'ness, needing to 'evacuate your bowels, or simply eating your potato late in the day - it may simply vanish by 2moro...

Please don't panic, we'll do our best to help sort it and/or put your mind at rest; once we have ur food diary!
Thanks a mill for your reply! She told me to stick to the refeed idea but to replace 2 meals rather than one with maintenance food. So it's been like this-
Day 1 breakfast 1 shake
Lunch 1 soup
Dinner 6 oz poached chicken, small salad with balsamic vinegar

Day 2 same except for fish instead of chicken

Day 3 same but back to chicken

Day 4 same but adding a 7oz potato (baked) (I forgot this on day 3!) with dinner.

Pharmacist said this was new thinking to do it this way if you wanted to continue losing weight, mind you not sure whether she is correct or is it a way to sell more LT products????

Really appreciate your help :)


Dance the positive spin..
S: 12st7.5lb C: 11st9.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 0st12lb(6.84%)
Okay I'm not sure how to advise now!

If it is effectively Day 1 ur repeating with 2 maint 1 meal then I would steer clear of carbs, fruit etc - if however it's a long term maint idea (to continue loss), I wud've thought u should refeed first, then go onto 2 maint, 1 meal - so u don't risk rebound and are able to be flexible with ur meal ingredients from thereon in - and be able to have fruit, yogurts etc aswell which are forbidden in Day 1-3 refeed. My concern about doing it without refeed is that to avoid rebound, you wud have to avoid lots of foodstuffs which are necessary for nutritional balance!

However if ur pharmacist has advised it and calls it new LP thinking ... then fair enough!

Sorry - this post is even less help than my last! I'm hoping it's all redundant anyway and that ur gain adjusted itself! I do hope so ... If u were to get a potentially possible 7-10lb rebound gain (albeit not fat gain, just stores) that wud be awfully demoralising for you, especially given it's a big chunk of ur loss - and all because of pharmacist incorrect advice! I really hope that isn't the case and it's just fluid retention, TOTM or similar....

Edit: Ps. It is normal for some to put a wee bit on in refeed - I always did - bur it comes off again in week or so!

Pp's. Maybe phone Lipotrim direct for advice
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Thanks a mill for your reply! I see your logic and I really think I was given bad advice by the pharmacist. I haven't been able to get back since, but I'm off tomorrow so I'll go down and hopefully get to talk to a different person. The extra lbs are there, about 4, and I've been sticking to diet like glue despite office full of Easter choc and fridge full of wine and beer for the weekend! Will let u know how I get on tomorrow. Thank you again for the advice, much appreciated x

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