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whats gone wrong?

i am doing slimming worl and last sat weighed in at 11 7 which is good as it means ive lost 23 1/2 pounds altogether. so this week i decided to be even better eating mostly free food sand not eating much more than 6 syns a day and i walk everyday for at least an hour with my dogs and go to the gym and swinmming once a week too, i weighed myself thismorning was excited to see my hard work paying off and i have put on half a pound! i know its only half a blooming pound but ive put in so much effort this week and not only have i nothing to show for it i'vew actually gained. where di i go wrong am i missing something?
just a bit frustrated going for alovely meal tonight which will be syn free but so feel like necking a bottle of wine (i wont) but so feel that way out. x
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Firstly, your scales may be different to the class ones so don't panic just yet!
secondly, are you eating enough superfree food? Remember you can fill a plate with free food but 1/3 of your plate should be superfree.
Thirdly, putting half a pound on isn't the end of the world, you could lose it again by emptying your bladder! Don't be put off. Stick at it :)


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If you've suddenly upped your exercise you might be retaining water, muscles swelling and that retains water temporarily.

Other than that you do no matter how good you can be, get the odd blip.
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Rule 1, never jump on the scales before your weigh-in! Weight fluctuates daily, even hourily, so you could be setting yourself up for a great dissapointment/shock. Keep away from the scales and stick to plan until weigh in day, then see how you've done. Honestly it is the best solution :) x
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You have lost 23lb so far! Having a gain one week is not going to take away that 23lbs... you are still doing well! This is just a blip...

There's a lot of reasons that you may have gained - TOTM, not eating full HEXB (e.g. if you have porridge but not the ryvita that you are supposed to eat with it as the 'full B option': then you are suppose to syn the porridge... this has been said elsewhere on Minimins) not drinking enough water (especially while exercising); plus I read somewhere if your body has not been at this weight for so many years - the fat can be harder to shift; and to preserve as you may not see any change for a while.

I STS for 2 weeks running then had a 7lb loss in the 3rd week... and I was really good, I did notice there WAS a difference in my measurements, have you being keeping track?

Keep doing it 100% and hopefully it will balance itself out next week with a super-duper weightloss! HTH?


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There's a lot of reasons that you may have gained - TOTM, not eating full HEXB (e.g. if you have porridge but not the ryvita that you are supposed to eat with it as the 'full B option': then you are suppose to syn the porridge...
Although this has been said elsewhere on MM it is not correct. Your HEs are not there to promote weight loss and you do not need to have the full quoted amount. not having the full amount will not lead to a gain and you do not need to syn it if not eating the full quota. :)
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Please try not to panic your weight may well be totally different tomorrow, as has already been said try not to weigh yourself in advance at home. I am guilty of jumping on the scales to often at home and it doesn't help.
Good luck for tomorrow x
well i got weighed saturday and had put on half a pound this is my weigh in day but on sunday went for a good cycle with my other half and managed to lose that so now am back to 11 7 but for some reason seem to have stopped losing. i'm eating loads of superfree foods only getting plenty of exercise only thing not doing is drinking loads of water think this makes a difference? i do drink about 6 cups of black decaff tea a day and maybe a glass or two of pepsi max but i dont drink much water. need some more insiration and tips getting fed up as seem to be putting in plenty of effort for not much reward done my measurements havent lost there either xx
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Water will help, I find when I drink more water I feel better and lose more. Also try not to stress out and keep weighing yourself as it does not help. My hubby has taken scales off me in past as I have been obsessed about getting weighed. Also stress is not good for weight loss when I was stressing I was not loosing weight.

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