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What's keeping you going?


constantly confused
As the title says, what do you think of when it gets tough?

My cousin is getting married on the 20th of September, I haven't seen any of that side of the family for a while, and it will be the first time I see them in a while too.

I've been debating coming off the plan for this week away because of the driving (I will do if I become ill, sick or dizzy - no diet is worth crashing and dying!) but if anything keeps me on track it will be the thought of that.

Plus the fact I only have 3 and a half stone until I have a normal BMI, and 17lbs from an 'overweight' BMI (why does that seem further away than the 3 and a half stone? :confused: )

I've got a skirt hanging up on the curtain rail that is too small for me, but that used to fit. I'm trying it on every week to see how much further I can get it on.

First time it wasn't even over my thighs, last time I could squeeze it on up my legs, but not fasten it. Next goal, half way fastened! (baby steps!!)

So what keeps you all on track?
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My 21st at the beginning of June - planning a posh girls night out & I definitely don't want to be the fat one in all the photos...Must admit that I'm planning to eat & drink for that but I'm going to the Benicassim music fest in July so that'll give me a very good incentive to get back on the foodpacks (the goal is to get in a bikini for the first time in my adult life)

I've also got a vintage 1950s yellow dress (not too dissimilar to the one Kelly Brook wore for her VW in strictly come dancing). Its a size 10, and fell in love with it while browsing on ebay...
The thing that keeps me on track is my family because for the last few years they knew I was unhappy but they wouldn't tell me that I needed to lose weight. They waited for me to do something about (they knew I woud have a strop if they told me and be stubborn and not do anything about it, petulent child that hides within me) So they have noticed over last month that me doing something about it and getting control over the problem I have been happier. I know for a fact that they would be very dissapointed with me if I failed, knowing that failure means back to my life of uncontrolled eating. They have been a trmendous support and I love them dearly
To be honest there's absolutely loads that keeps me going
- really don't want to fail at this
- really want to be slim, fit and healthy
- really want to come of my meds for diabetes and high cholesterol
- really want to get into the size 14's clothes I've bought
- really want to have a great holiday in Italy and be slim while I'm there, be able to do anything/everything without feeling out of place
- really want to be about the same weight I was when I got married on my 20th anniversary in July
- really want to be the real me, the one I know I am but that I've not seen for a long long time

..... there's a few for now :D
MSpraise1 - nope, never broken the diet (though only in my 3rd week), and the 7th June is hopefully going to be the first time I will have...I would imagine that it's going to be tough getting back in ketosis but it'll be worth it!!
that is a good post ....what is keeping me going? well, i had to think about that and these things are keeping me going:
* want to be slim really really!!!
*want to be healthy and have a normal bmi
*want to be slim for the very first time in my marriage
* these things are keeping me going and maybe there are many more
Want to be slim, trim and healthy and have a healthy BMI,
Want to start trying for a family once I have got to my goal,
Want to feel confident that I can fit comfortably on a plane seat, in the back of a car (with room for other people), on rides at theme parks,
Want to be generally more active,
Want to purchase my 1st ever dress.


longs to be average!
What's keeping me going is:
1. I was just under 10 stone when I met my partner 10 years ago - although seriously underweight then, would like to get back to being close to what I was (happy with 12stone, would like 11)
2. Going on holiday in October to Orlando - don't want to have to wear a t-shirt in the waterparks to hide my body
3. Just got a wedding invitation for my neice's wedding in the post today for June 28th - although saw my cousins in December for the family Christmas party - probably won't see most until the wedding - although it's my Nieces day, I wouldn't say no to a couple of comments!!!!
4. This is probably the big reason for me - I just want to go into River Island and buy something of the shelf and it fits!!


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Oh river island those were the days, I always look in Zara and H and M but there all max size 14 so walk in and out, not for long though eh. Carn't wait for summer and all the nice clothes will make a change from covering up with big old evans clothes in the summer heat


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What keeps me going is:

Going to my brother's 40th in November wearing a size 10/12.
Standing on the train in the morning and not wanting to be invisible.
Feeling good, being healthy and fit.
Quite simply, for me what keeps me going, is knowing this is my last chance. If I do not acheive my goal, I know I will spend the rest of my life fat, unhealthy, in pain and depressed. Jut as I have spent the past 15 years.

If I do not acheive this goal, I have failed myself and insured that the second half of my life will be one of sadness and regret.

What keeps me going is that I have finally - FINALLY - taken control of my life - my future happiness - and not left it to fate.

Finding LL, I regard that as a gift. THat there is actually a way to acheive the reality I have dreamt of for over 20 years: that I can learn to love myself. I don;t like myself very much. The weight is just a part of that. But if I accomplish that - then my mind will be free to battle my other demons which have become a constant source of sadness just under the surface. (Don't get me wrong - I am not a maudlin or mopey person - as long as I am busy, etc,m but when the dust settles, there is an awful lot of sadness that ties me down - and that will need sorting after the weight.) THe weight must go first, because it is physically destroying me, and the pain I was in was all consuming. IT is getting better, but there is a long way to go. The weight also weighed on my mind 24/7 - never allowing me to deal with other issues.

THose are the things that keep me going. Without meaning to sound dramatic - but being 110% honest - my life depends on this.

Sorry if this was too heavy - but that is exactly how it is for me. I will acheive my goal, and I will maintain it. If not, it will be at my peril.


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You are such a beautiful woman with a sense of strength so much stronger than you think.

I would however suggest you start working on those feelings now. I am saying this because I did and its made so much difference.
I would love for you to see the woman we all see.

Start slowly even if it is just a grateful journal. In fact why don't we start a thread called today I am grateful for....

I think you are an amazing lady and happiness is well on the way to you. (no thanks to British Gas :))
Aw thanks Tange - thats nice of you to say. Its not as ad as it might sound on here - its hard to explain. If I am completely honest, I think there is just a part of me that has always been sad, and I don't necisarily see that as a ad thing, completetly.....so it has just become a part of me. Without getting all pshycological - it may very well simply have to do with the fact that I was adopted.....and don't get me wrong - I had MARVELOUS parents - could not have asked for better, ever.....but there is a significant impact on some infants at the moment of seperation from the birth mother - a stamp if you will..and a lifetime of never truly feeling like you are fitting in. Ive tried to research it more but it takes so much time ut a lot of it makes sense. more to learn though! and I might be talking rubbish, who knows? ;)

But no need to worry about me - as I say I am genuinely pretty happy, but with a lot of stuff just under the skin. But I am used to it. Sounds sick, but I kind of embrace it - makes me who I am and makes me feel what I feel. If that makes any sense!! But there sare definattely some areas that just do need addressing!! :D

I'll get me head sorted out one of these days!!! :D

<hugs> xxxx


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What keeps me going now that I'm maintaining is being able to do all the things like dancing that I used to do before I put on weight. Oh and being able to shop in normal stores and buy nice clothes and get compliments and feel confident and oh the size 24 evans jeans I keep in the wardrobe as a reminder!

Deb G

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I set mini-targets (like I wanted to be 10st7 for Xmas) and then I wanted to be 9st by March (easily beat that one!). I had no major events coming up to slim for.

However, I am in RTM now and the thing keeping me on the straight and narrow is my holiday in July. I've bought my shorts, bikinis etc at 9 stone, so I HAVE to stay 9 stone now. I plan on beign that for the rest of my life anyway, but certainly in the first few months of having food again, its good to keep that target on the horizon!! I certainly won't let slip with a pound here or there!

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