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Whats "Low" Carbs?

Do you mean fat?

If so then I look for less than 5g per 100g but some people say 4g and some 10g!

Or do you mean carbs?

In which case, around 2-3 grams per 100 grams, I guess--if we're talking vegetables? Or do you mean in terms of a total for a meal?
Sorry, bit confused as to what you're after still.

It's sure to be my fault as my brain's addled from all the revision I'm doing for my exam next Tuesday...

Okay. Some people can stay in ketosis up to 100g of carb per day.

Only some though. I think my upper limit is about 40g of carb per day. It's a real 'your mileage may vary' thing.

When I was doing a low carb diet, I spread those 40 grams out across 3 meals, so there was no more than 13 grams of carb per meal.

So when looking at packaging, I added up how much was in whatever the serving size was then added the amounts of carbs in any vegetables I might be having with it--making sure it didn't go over 13g.

Does that help, or am I way off course? :D
No thats aces thanks - I get the impression the CD is a low carb diet after SS - So I was just trying to figure when I start eating again what to look for on the packets and stuff to figure whats hi carb food and whats not - its hard to make healthy choices unless you know the facts.. :S

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