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Whats the best way to keep motivated(help)


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Well even though I'm not sticking to it 100% either ... I'll add what usually keeps my motivated.

1) Reading the posts on here and seeing the great losses people have.
2) Looking at the inspiration slide show
3) Making a list of why I want to lose weight
4) Make a list of all things being overweight stops me doing.

Hmmm actually - I'm off to do all 4 now lol

Good luck!



Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya try setting yerself small achievable goals every week/month..

Try adding a new exercise to your week too,i try and do something different every week cos i get bored very easily and then that leads to me over-eating!
Good luck :)


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Hey. I find that giving myself a gift every 7lbs does the trick for me. Money is a little tight at the moment for me so when i have lost 7lbs i can get myself something i really want but couldn't have got otherwise.

The other suggestions are less materialistic though so are probably better :D xxx Good luck


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Thanks everyone that really helps

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